Chapter 5

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[Ara's POV]

"Add you're in danger!"

I saw his pupils shrink as I felt intense heat from my back but then I noticed a quick flash of blue light then Add pushed my aside

"Look out you idiot!"

Add pushed me out the way only for me to see him being hit by a burning bird,that must be Raven's doing....Add just took it head on for me without even blocking it.I swear I could feel heat coming up to my cheeks......wait a minute he's not done yet?!


Raven screamed as he punched Add with his Nasod Arm multiple times and each one has a bomb explosion in it and I saw Add getting hurt....I know why I shouldn't stop Raven but I can't stand seeing Add getting hurt but as I tried to stand up a blade was pointing at my face

"Interrupt if you dare"

It was Rena and she doesn't look like she's joking that she will kill me if I interfere so I just covered my eyes to avoid the horrific sight

"They said only the ones with space-ripping abilities should train you but seems like you're too weak for that"

"I object."

The voice was...

[Elsword's POV]

I saw it...I saw it all I also saw how this was a very one sided fight but why did Rena stop us from stopping Raven? We can handle the damage to the Inn but not the our members.

"Before it's too late. Stop this farce"

Eve was as cold hearted as ever and somehow attractive 

"I object."

So it begins... 

[Raven's POV]

Space-ripping? HAH I just used flames is THIS the so-called dimention ruler? I turned around and started walking away then suddenly a voice that everyone once feared was heard again.....I forgot that he has this up his sleeve

"I object" 

It was Add but his scleras were black and his pupils were a glowing violet this won't end well

"You know I never thought that I'd use the seal of time for you but I JUST DID AND IT WON'T BE FREE"

An insane laughter was heard and I don't know but I couldn't gather my thought and my sense of judgement was way off

[Add's POV] 

As I rose from the dead using seal of time I immediately cast Mind Break on him..hmph trying to kill me? we shall see

"HAHAHAHAHA! How'd you like the Space Cracks? and now STIGMA!"

I kept knocker him back with spamming mind break and Space crack but we were reaching the end of the room so I forcibly warped him back to where he was

"Hmph I hope you like this HAH!"

I condensed particle accel so that it will be smaller at the size of the human heart and blasted Raven and a large whole was left on his chest

"RAVEN! went too far Add!"

Rena caught Raven before he  had completely fallen to the floor crying 

"I'll never forgive you Add!"

Rena shouted as she  was gonna stab her dagger at me and a mechanical hand stopped her

"It's alright Rena I'm fine"

Raven soothed Rena and hugged her

"W-what happened?"

The clueless Ara asked out of the blue

"Raven and I were affected by my seal of time so even if we die we'll be back. Anyway what the heck were you doing Raven....and I hope you know how it feels like to die"

I chuckled but everyone except for Ara and Raven was looking at me with fear 

"Now get out of my sight!"

Everyone except Ara just left silently

"And what are you still doing here?"

"A-Add c-can you come closer?"


As I got closer I could feel her breathing heavily and I can see her face closer now and she's blushing so much



Elesis woke up

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