Chapter 21

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Joshua's eyes flicker towards mine every so often as my mother demands answers of us. We're sat around the kitchen table and she's gripping her mug tightly like she always does when she's nervous. Maisie sits on her lap, blanket round her, picking at her stuffed gorilla's stitching in vain, taking no notice of us.

"Explain," Mum says, voice laced with a mixture of fear, anger and worry.

"Well, I was taking a trip to London," Joshua starts. "I passed a massive bump on the street so I crouch down and uncover a girl, face blue, freezing to death."

My mother raises an eyebrow at me. I just shrug in reply.

"So I pick her up and carry her to the bus station. My house is just outside London so I take a ride home—"

"That doesn't make sense. None of the buses were working. It was piled up with snow."

For a split second, Joshua looks uncomfortable. I wonder why.

"We took a cleared up route," he adds quickly. "So I got home, placed her in bed. Gave her water. Food. Then she woke up, I explained the situation to her and we both agreed to come here to see how you were doing."

You never explained anything, I want to say. You were deliberately cryptic and terrifying. And you lied to me about having the gun. And you never told me exactly why there was a storm and now you made up a random story about conjuring the whole thing up.

"Well, thank you," my mother says, smiling wearily. "It's such a relief to have her home."

Joshua smiles back but there's something hard in his eyes like he's unsure of something.

Something pops in my head. All of a sudden, a thought comes to mind. I don't know why, but it just does. Angie is all I think. How did she survive? Did she freeze to death like the rest of us?

"Angie," I tell the others. "I need to go see Angie."

My mother gives me a worried glance. "No, Amelia. She's probably—"

"No," I cut her off. I know I have to go. Joshua said Zach was a part of this too. I need to find answers. I'm hungry for them.

So, I grab my coat and close the door gently shut.


Hi guys,

I think I know where this story is heading but I'm not entire sure. Actually, let's just say I don't really know at the moment! :)

Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions. They really gave me a lot of insight into the story.

Well, there was another filler-chapter for you guys.

Happy reading!

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