Chapter 9: honesty and trust is like a must be followed...

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chapter 9

"I really find it weird, that your acting so jubilant now, when just a moment ago you were giving me the cold shoulder"  I said as Adrian tugged me to his car, still hand in hand. I was kind of worried because, I was almost pretty sure, that my palms were sweaty, and my face a light shade of red. But he hadn't even seemed to notice, because he was so wrapped up in candy land. And I couldn't decide, whether that was a good, or bad thing.

"Just get in the car and stay silent"

I did what I was told, without any consideration or hesitation. I just jumped into the car. Which you'd think would be a disastrous idea, considering the fact that I didn't know anything about this boy. For all I know, he could be a psycho chainsaw killer on the run, about to take me to a dark forest, and then murder me, where no one will hear my screams and cries for help. He'll then bury my body under a tree where no one will ever find it and...

Me and my overactive imagination.

But of course I knew Adrian wouldn't do that...or at least I hoped he wouldn't, I mean you never know. But then I always felt safe and secure with him, like I just knew he would be ready to jump, in front of a bullet for me in any moment.  

Today his hair was a perfect mess on top of his head, with only one tiny strand of hair down. Now displaying his whole tan face, and green eyes.

"Hmmm...I like your hair like that, it makes you look even hotter..." I thought out loud. After about two seconds I immediately covered my mouth with both hands realizing what I just said and to whom. My eyes wide, and the blood instantly flowing to my cheeks.

"I said be silent, geez you suck at this game," He said with a roll of his eyes, though there was a gleaming smile on his lips as well. I saw a twinkle in his eyes, but it wasn't there long enough for me to see what it meant. I nodded and slunk into the polyester seat, looking out the window feeling flushed. Trying to avoid any eye contact, because I was feeling, embarrassed and uncomfortable now. I can't believe I said that out loud!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Sure I thought he was hot. But that was it. Just physical attraction.

Something in the back of my head---a voice maybe---was telling me, it was more than just physical.

Could it be true?

Do I have feelings for Adrian?

Could that be the reason why, my heart beats a million beats a second, when ever he looks or even says my name. Or when he touches me, I feel sparks jolt through my body, electrifying...torturing me to no end. Even at times I carve his company, just for the heck of it...just happy knowing that he's close to me.

But that didn't mean I liked him.

He just meant alot to me as a friend. Nothing more.


"Okay you can talk now," I heard Adrian say. I just nodded, still embarrassed. We hadn't spoken at all, throughout the whole fifteen minute drive. Sure Adrian would try to start up conversation, once in awhile but I would just nod and look down. And that silence(if it wasn't already evident) hasn't changed. I got out the car since Adrian did so too. I was half hopping I wouldn't see a dark forest and Adrian holding a chainsaw infront of me. But instead, I saw something way better. 

"Oh my gosh the fair!!!!!!" I yelled. Screw being embarrassed!!, I griped Adrian's hand, and ran into the fair, like a ten year old would do to her mother. Except I was a nineteen year old girl, pulling a twenty year old, guy with me. (I cant even imagine how weird we must look) 

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