Chapter 42: Sext Me Baby

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I woke up groaning as my phone went off repeatedly. I picked it yup checking the screen.

I miss you💔
Wake up please😣
I had a bad dream about us and I just wanted to make sure you're okay 😞
Please text me back!
I love you soph
Never forget that I love you so much

JFC! 😤
Shut up and let me sleep.

Aw okay 😔

Great. Now I hurt him. Fuck. I sigh and put down my phone as I got up. I walked out of my room and tiptoed across the living room making my way into Grayson's bedroom.

I saw him laying on his side with his back facing me. I looked at his tear stained pillow so I know he was crying in his sleep. I can't believe this hardheaded asshole got this soft for me.

I crawled into his bed and wrapped my arms and legs around his firm body. He flinched a little before turning his head to look at me.

He turned his whole body around so that we were now facing each other. "I love you too." I whispered ; the faint mint flavored toothpaste fanning our faces.

I looked at his eyes then down to his lips before I pressed mines against his. His hands snaked around my small waist. He hiccuped into our kiss making me look at him.

I took my thumb wiping away the tears from his cheeks. "I wish I wasn't crying and acting soft, so I could fuck you mercilessly." He whispered in my ear sucking on my earlobe.

My breathing hitched and I hummed at the waves of pleasure he caused running throughout my body.

His hands that were once around my waist slowly went into my underwear as he squeezed my ass and rubbed it.

My tongue attached to the side of his face. I licked his salty tear stained cheek before kissing it.

"Do you wanna talk about it ?" I asked kissing his cheek as I ran my fingers through his hair, massaging his head

"Do you wanna talk about it ?" I asked kissing his cheek as I ran my fingers through his hair, massaging his head.

He let um hums before saying, "I just wanna hold you tight and never let you go." He closed his eyes while I continued to rub his head putting him back to sleep.

"It's okay, sleep. I'll be right here if you need me." I said kissing his plump lips to assure him of my presence.

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