So, for this chapter, I interviewed vee_ano. She is the writer of, lost of great books. She's an amazign writer and a awesome person.

Go check vee_ano out!!

Dark: What do you have in your own personal world??

Vee: Uhm...a naked Giovannie Storm, a huge jar of nutella, spicy nachos and a very sexy movie (shhh, don't tell Gio <.<) if not that, then I'm in my world of fantasy and books with a fantasy boyfriend ;_;

Dark:  What si the most randomest thing you have done??

Vee: I'm always random LOL So, i don't really know how to answer that xD

Dark: Who's hotter; Jensen Ackles, Ashley Purdy or, nobody ;)

Vee: Jensen Ackles FTW!

Dark: What's your weirdest dream??

Vee: I have to many weird dreams and they''re all long e.e I did have a dream once where I was a dog :3

Dark: What would you do, if you found a squirrel in your cloest??

Vee: Lock it in a cage and name it "Gio." That way, I won't feel like I'm talking to myself when Giovannie isn't around ;D

Well, there's the interview. Hope you like it. I'm sorry it was short. I'm gonna try to make the next one longer.

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