Chapter 122: Awakening

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I'd like to think of us more like brothers. We share the same blood. We just happen to share the same body as well, Rhaedra said. He requested control of the voice again, and Laidu assented. "Partners is a... sufficient term. So far, I've just been asking permission to speak from Laidu. Common courtesy, instead of us having a mental battle to seize control of our vocal cords."

Thaen blinked. "So... two minds in one body?"

"Yes," Rhaedra and Laidu answered together. "It is what the Dragonblessed are. Two souls bound to one form."

"Oh. So you give humans... or Vesperati or Kai'Draen or whatever your powers and share their bodies?" Thaen asked.

"Yes." Rhaedra said. Laidu, however, had a different thought. He lifted a hand up, which seemed an impossible task, and stared at it. He willed the Fever Blood alight.

Nothing. No song in his head, no energy, nothing. Our blood has gone dormant. With rest, it may return. But, Rhaedra said, it is a small price to pay for the death of Kazalibad. Laidu let his hand drop.

"Your power disappeared?" Thaen asked.

"Yeah. How could you tell?" Laidu asked.

"Well, whenever you used it... your blood sounded like it was hissing and boiling."

Laidu frowned. "I've never heard that."

"Yeah, well, your ears aren't the size of your head, that's why," Thaen said. He sat down. Karik'ar still hadn't risen from his spot, and turned a page.

Laidu looked around. "Where am I?" he asked. It looked like he was in an attic of some sort, the roof slanting down to meet the edge of the floor. His bed had several chests and trunks stacked around it, and a frosted window let in light.

"In the attic of an old woman's home," Karik'ar said. "She was a client of Skaria and I, and didn't have the agreed-upon sum of money after we did her job. We took what she offered, and she said she'd help us out in the future. I asked her if she could house you, seeing as the inn where you had been lodging decided to kick everyone out."

"Why?" Laidu asked. He paused and sniffed. Something was rank and rotten outside by the smell. "And what's that scent?"

"Ghouls. The answer to both your questions." Karik'ar paused. "When Kazalibad died, so did all the ghouls in the city. Apparently the inn had a nest of them underneath, and now they're stinking up the place. They also expressed interest in not letting you back on the premises. Due to the destruction, and all that."

"Oh," Laidu said. "How is Kyra?"

"She's unharmed, but apparently under a form of house arrest. Lord Solstael isn't letting his daughter out of his sight, and he isn't letting any of us near. I can understand why."

"And how do you know she's alright?" Laidu asked.

"Skaria has been tutoring her. Still tutors her." He paused, thinking for a moment. "Lord Solstael is also hosting a ball to celebrate her safe return, which all of us were invited as guests of honor," Karik'ar said. "All of us, except for you."

Laidu blinked. Weren't you the one who rescued her? Rhaedra asked.

"Yeah I was." When he noticed Karik'ar and Thaen's confused faces, he shook his head. "Sorry. Rhaedra asked a question. So I'm not given a place of honor, even though I was the one who rescued her?"

"No. We were told you were barred from ever entering the premises." Karik'ar sighed. "He really doesn't like you, it seems."

"You're telling me," Laidu said. He leaned back. "I should rest. I hurt still."

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