January 21st

RyRoss: Bren

RyRoss: You don't need your parent's validation

Beebo: whatever

RyRoss: Brendon, It's okay to be upset.

RyRoss: You don't have to hide from me

Beebo: i'm not upset and i'm not hiding

RyRoss: Then where are you?

Beebo: somewhere

RyRoss: Exactly

RyRoss: Brendon, there is no need to hide.

RyRoss: They'll come around

Beebo: i was fucking kicked out of my own goddamn house

Beebo: and now i'm suppose to chill in yours?

Beebo: i feel like i failed you, Ry. i wanted to get you away from the shithole, not be another reason to tie you down to it.

RyRoss: Brendon Boyd Urie. You are not tying me down.

RyRoss: Come home and we'll figure things out from there. Please, just let me help us.

RyRoss: We can figure it out.

Beebo: no we can't

RyRoss: Yes we can

RyRoss: Because you're an all star

Beebo: did you just

RyRoss: Somebody once told me

Beebo: nO

RyRoss: ;)

Beebo: Fine, I'll come home. But we're packing our stuff and leaving.

Beebo: Our parents suck, therefore we shouldn't be around them

Beebo: My friend owns a cabin. We can probably use it.

RyRoss: Okay.

RyRoss: You have officially lost your mind

Beebo: nah

RyRoss: I am not leaving and going god knows where to stay in a cabin, especially not with school going on. And my dad will call the police or something!

Beebo: you can still go, it's only fifteen minutes away, you can take my car. i'll catch the bus a couple neighborhoods down to go to mine. then school will be over, and we'll find a place. i'll get some kinda job. and nah, your dad doesn't give a flying fuck about anything.

RyRoss: Are you shitting me

RyRoss: It's a no.

Beebo: can you just give it a shot???

Beebo: please? even just for the weekend?

RyRoss: Fucking hell

RyRoss: Fine. But if I still think you're being insane by Monday, we are going back home.

Beebo: okay!

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