The Ice Cream Fic

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We all sat in our underwear watching SpongeBob SquarePants, while licking at our ice cream cones. It made us feel young, and nice. Just another day on the tour bus that we can pass. We were on the way to Chicago, Illinois for another concert. We had really nice crowds there, and the meet ups were fun. I daydreamed about being able to see my girlfriend again in a few months. These months seemed like years, but I knew that eventually the time will come.
Shit. That's what I said when I looked down to see that I have dropped my entire ice cream cone on Geoff's crotch area. Let me remind you that he was only in short shorts, or boxers, along with a tight All Time Low tee. Geoff yelled, and panicked while keeping his hands up.
"Fuck!! Uh, fuck. Fuck." I panicked, and began to quickly rub my hands against his crotch trying to pick up the ice cream. I basically was rubbing his dick trying to wipe off the ice cream.
Geoffs POV:
I could feel the tension building in my pants. 'Wow, thanks Awsten' I thought to myself, hoping he hadn't noticed.
"Ah. Okay that's enough now, Awsten." I said, trying to keep my cool. But I was wasn't cool. I was horny.
Awsten's POV:
I rolled my eyes. "Sorry. Do you want a towe-" I stopped talking and stared at his crotch. I had noticed a slight bump in his boxers. Oh.
Otto's POV:
Do they just not notice that I have been staring at them this entire time, snickering? What the fuck. Geoff has a boner, Awsten is rubbing ice cream on it, and Jawn is too busy with the show to see what's going on.
"Guys?" I stared at Geoff. "What..."
"Mm.. Awsten..." Geoff groaned. "I have an insy weensy little bitty itty tinyyyy problem..." He continued, while biting his lip. Awsten stared into his eyes. I giggled, and began to put my ice cream cone near Awsten's crotch. I smashed the cone into his area.
"yAAAH" Awsten yelled. I stared to laugh extremely hard while I watched Awsten panic and rub his groin, trying to get it off of him.
"Need help?" I said, putting my hand on his crotch. Geoff started to laugh, and did the same as me.
"This. Is g-gay." Awsten stuttered, while he began to pant.
"Me too." I blurted out, without thinking. I just wanted this to be a joke on Awsten. Not a coming out video. Fuck.
"What?" Geoff said, while slowing down his hand.
"You are actually gay?" Awsten asked, while trying to push away my hand.
"...Maybe." I say. I looked away.
"Me too." Geoff said.
"Yeah, no homo though." Awsten added.
"Are you guys finally coming out? Because I'm gay too." Jawn adds, while keeping his eyes locked on the spongebob.
We all made eye contact and looked down at ourselves. We were all hard.
Awsten's POV:
I was still panting. "...Otto... Can you stop rubbing it." I said slowly. He took his hand off of me. Jawn looked at his ice cream cone, and I already knew exactly what he was gonna do.
"fUCK WHAT THE FUCK JAWN" I hear from Otto. Jawn began to laugh. Geoff began to laugh as well. We all began rubbing against Otto. Otto squirmed.
"WHAT THPHE FUCK" He stutters, while beginning to pant.
"How do you like it, asshole?" I say to him.
"Wait, do I like it in the asshole? Well..." He said.
"That's not what I asked, but ok." I said.
We sat there for minutes just waiting for our boners to go away, but it never happened. It got to the point where Jawn just asked the question.
"Can I just film you guys fucking?" He asked. I stared into his eyes with surprise. I gave Otto a look. He shrugged. I looked at a Geoff, he did the same.
"Sure i guess." I shrugged.
"WHAT?" Geoff exclaimed. "Ok, I... Mmm.."
"You want to fuck. So why not just.. fuck."
Geoff's POV:
I felt his hands going down my V line. Should I freak out or not. I don't know. But Jawn already had his camera out. Right on me. I panted as he started to touch my dick. By now, I'm being fucked and don't care at all. I moaned. I watched as Otto sat on top of Awstens lap, without his boxers. I mumbled for him to stop, and he slowly pulled up his hand.
Awsten's POV:
I put my hands on Otto's thighs. I stared at his dick. I felt him start to grind on me. I moved my hands up and down his sides. He smiled down at me. I began to place my hand the tip of his dick. I stroked it slowly, and felt his body tremble. I felt like something was missing, so I glared at Geoff.
"Go get the tub of ice cream." I demanded. I watched Geoff walk into the kitchen area, take the ice cream and set it on the couch. I sat Otto on the couch, and opened the tub of ice cream. I scooped out a large chunk of the ice cream, and stared up at Geoff. I kneeled.
"Kneel down, geoff." I demanded. He did so, while slipping off his boxers. I began to slowly rub the ice cream from my hand onto Otto's dick. He winced.
"Don't worry, it will feel fine in a second." I say as I place my mouth on his cock, and sucked lightly. Otto gripped the cough and whined. I pulled my mouth away.
"D-don't stop yet..." Otto moaned. I locked my eyes on Geoff, and began to pull off my boxers. Geoff slid his hand in the tub of ice cream and smeared it on my chest, then tackled me. I put my mouth against his. My dick too. He giggled in between breathes, then began to touch my staff. He slid his hand up and down. He felt my balls. I grinned slowly while moaning. It felt amazing. He felt amazing, but something felt off.
I look over, and little did I know that Jawn was really feeling it now, just like Mr Krabs. Speaking of Spongebob, that was playing this entire time. But I didn't care. I continued to grind and let moans fall out of my mouth.
Geoff sat up, and I lied still, panting. I didn't cum yet. And I knew what was coming. Geoff placed some ice cream in a cone, and slowly placed it onto my dick. Like a flesh light. Otto stared down at me and I slightly cried out. It was very cold. Like ice on my balls. But before I could tell him to stop, Otto had kneeled down and began to suck off each bit of ice cream. I yelled out. He continued.
   "I'm going to cum. Fuck." I say, trembling.
Otto's POV:
   Do I let him? Do I stop? Before I could answer these questions, I saw Geoff begin to lick Awsten's nipples with a mouthful of chocolate ice cream. I had no choice. I rubbed his balls lightly and sucked the entire thing with my small mouth. I could feel his moans. I felt a load of his cum shoot into my mouth, and I slowly began to swallow. I listened to his soft breaths  while I stared at his body. I was extremely hard.
   "Geoff." I said softly, while feeling myself.
"Do you want me to..." he asked slowly. I nodded.
Geoff's POV:
I stood up, and watched as Otto did the same. I let my body rub against his, while digging into the ice cream bucket. I took out an extremely large scoop and held it in my trembling hands. I ran it down his back, and slowly shoved it in his ass. Otto whined and gripped onto my back. I put my fingers down him, and felt his V line. I turned him over and began to fuck him in the ass. I also jerked off his shaft. We both moaned loudly, and my cold ice cream filled hands touched him. Jawn had his camera directly on my dick. It made me feel self conscious, but this all felt too good to stop. After about 1 more minute, we both came. Loudly.
Awsten's POV:
I was still stuck on the floor watching them. When they were finished, I slowly stood up and glared at the tub of ice cream. Without saying anything, I put the lid back on and quickly placed it in the freezer. After this, we got dressed in new clothes and returned to watching Spongebob. We almost acted as if all of this was nothing but a dream. All until I once again accidentally spilled my ice cream on Geoff once again... 

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