Chapter 5

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When Jade finished reading her letter, she folded it back up and returned it to its envelope. She and Perrie had been alternating back and forth reading their letters aloud in chronological order.

"Well we know that you did end up writing those songs," Perrie teased with a laugh. Jade looked up at the blonde inquisitively. "Because Strangers was released on time. Or at least I assume it was. Wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Jade nodded in confirmation. Strangers wasn't an album Jade had been terribly fond of. She'd written half the songs when she and Perrie were together and happy and the other half after they'd broken up. The critics had called her album disjointed and they'd been right. Somehow though, people had loved the mix of emotions they'd found on the album. Several critics had lauded the album for its ability to portray a variety of emotions. Jade just thought of it as the physical reminder of the woman she'd loved then lost. "Did you listen to it?" she asked. She wasn't sure if she was ready to hear Perrie's answer.

"I bought it the day it came out," Perrie confirmed. "Same with the one that came out last year, Hidden Majesty. I loved them both."

Jade blushed at Perrie's statement, knowing how obvious it must have been for Perrie to see herself in the lyrics if everyone else had. It was more than that though. Sure, there were songs that all her fans knew were about Perrie, but there were those that nobody had guessed about. There was one song, Strangers that Jade had written after she'd seen an Instagram Perrie had posted of herself in Venice wearing an ornate mask. It wasn't one of the songs from the album that had especially popular, but it had been one of Jade's favorites.

"My favorite off of Strangers is 'Masquerade'." The blonde shared a conspiratorial smile with the brunette.

Jade blushed, but her own embarrassment was cut off by the sound of Perrie's stomach grumbling. Jade laughed out loud at the sound. "Hungry?" she asked.

Perrie nodded and crossed her arms across her stomach. "Well we've been here nearly two hours already and it's totally lunch time."

"You're right," Jade agreed. "Wait here, there's a really good sandwich place next door. I'll go grab us food and bring it back here."

"You don't have to do that," Perrie shook her head. "I can go. Or at the very least go with you." Jade paused, realizing that Perrie must have forgotten the implications of them going out in public together. Realization quickly dawned on the girl's face though as she retracted her offer. "Oh right," she paused awkwardly. "I'll wait here."

Jade nodded and grabbed her purse, quickly scurrying out of the room. Sharon seemed to be busy reorganizing books so Jaade didn't bother her as she left the store and walked next door to the deli. The Italian family who owned the deli knew Jade well, but they never made it awkward. In fact, they liked to tease her and made her feel like a family customer.

"So what'll it be today Miss Jade?" the owner, Antonio, asked. "Your usual? Or maybe something a little fancier? Though we're still out of caviar."

"Just the usual," Jade laughed. "Two of them today."

"Two?" Antonio arched a bushy, Italian eyebrow. "Either you're putting on some weight to play me in a new movie, or you've got yourself a date."

Jade found herself blushing at the man's statement. "Just getting lunch with a friend. I told her about this place that had the best sandwiches on the island and she just had to try for herself."

"Just the island?" Antonio feigned hurt.

"The entire state of New York," Jade laughed back.

"Okay, I can deal with that," he nodded.

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