Chapter 4

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Letter 10
October 10, 2016


You seem to be enjoying yourself in Italy. I'll admit that I've gone to view your Instagram a handful of times. I've never explored the country like you are. I hope it is everything you ever wanted it to be and more. When I had pizza last night for dinner, I wondered if you would think of New York pizza when you had Italian pizza. But then I realized that I was moping again and tried not to think of you.

That obviously didn't last very long, because here I am, less than 24 hours later, writing you a letter. Danielle and I are waiting to be interviewed by some YouTube person. I don't remember her name. You probably would though, you love YouTubers. The press for the movie is just starting to pick up. Luckily, most of it is in New York though, but some is in LA. I wonder what that would have meant for us if we were still together.

Dani just asked me if it's lyrics I'm writing. I start recording my new album in a few months, but I still only have half my songs written. I haven't written anything since being with you. The label is getting nervous, but I've promised them a minimum six new songs before we start recording. That should be interesting. I guess I should start focusing on that.

Forever Yours,



song: You Will Find Me - Alex & Sierra

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