First Patient.

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((Yeah I know I said I was done with this book, but fuck it, one more chapter... For the boys. It's almost summer, so don't thinking ill be posting more because I'll have more free time, because that would be a damned lie.))

You spun around in your chair, whistling and humming.

You: This job is so damn boring, I haven't had a  patient this whole DAAAAAY!!!

As soon as you hollered that, someone knocked on the door and you stopped spinning and fixed your hair.

You: Come in!!

The door opened and Sally stood there with about 8 guards behind her, holding a woman with a muzzle mask on and she was thrashing around.

Sally: Mr.(L/N!), here is your schedule for the week. Also, this is your new friend Aya, say hi!


Sally: Ahh, she's so nice. Anyways, you two have fun!!

Sally threw a ring of keys, a folder, and a planner all on your desk. Aya sat down and you could see her innocent smile under the muzzle.

Aya: Sorry mister, that lady just really gets me steamed up!!

You: Erm... ok, so, why are you in here?

Aya: In prison or in here, in your very nicely decorated office?

You smiled and straightened your tie. 

You: Well, in my "Very nicely decorated" office.

Aya giggled and sat up straight and cleared her throat.

Aya: I bit off a guards index finger.

You: What?! Why?!

Aya: She threatened me!! She poked me on the nose and said "Boop"!!

You: How is that a threat...?

Aya: I don't know... can you come like, take this muzzle off me? I'm not a dog.

You stood up, grabbed the keys, and walked over to her. She looked supprised, actually seeing you were going to do it. You slipped the key into the lock and the muzzle popped off and fell to the ground.

Aya: Wow... You actually took it off. Why?

You say back down and laced your fingers together and set them down on the desk.

You: Your over there, and I'm over here. What are you doing to do, stick your tongue out at me?

Aya smiled and wiggled around.

Aya: Well, if you are going to take the muzzle off, take off the straight jacket too.

You: Um... ok? I don't see why you would want me too...

You grabbed the keys and walked over to her, and unlocked all the locks on the jacket. And, once again, the jacket fell to the ground.

Aya: You... Actually took the straight jacket off me? Why?

You: Because you asked me politely.

She stared at you and smiled.

Aya: Well then, will you give me the taser that is in your second drawer?

You: Of course, I don't see what you would use it for though...

You opened the drawer, grabbed the taser, walked over to her, and gave it to her. She just stared at you, not sure what to think.

Aya: You are quite the gentleman.

You smiled as she turned the taser on and put it to your neck. You fell to the groumd, twitching as Aya loomed over you, smiling.

Aya: See Mr.(L/N!), I really do like a gentleman. They are so hard to come by. You are a rather handsome one at that, so... I think that before I am forced to go back to my cell, me and you are going to have some fun, darling~.

She kissed you and put a the taser to your neck, making you black out completely.

((So what's up? I have returned in my second wind, so I'm sorry if I'm a tad bit rusty. It took me a hour and a half to write this, holy shit. It usually takes me 30-45 minutes write a chapter. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed, so, this is Aya. Black hair, Hazel eyes, 6'1, and is Russian. So... yeah, that's the newest female. I might return in a 3 wind one day on in this story, but hey, I have other books too. Go check them out, they are pretty decent. Later!))

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