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"I am not going to the 'Snow Ball' Preslie

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"I am not going to the 'Snow Ball' Preslie." I rolled my eyes, shutting my locker and turning around to look at my two friends, Preslie and Ocean.

"But why?" Preslie basically yelled, getting irritated with me because she had been trying to get me to go to this 'ball' for weeks.

Ever since the moment the school announced that they were hosting it, she was already browsing for dresses and mentally planning how her hair and nails would look. Yup, she was one of those girls.

I leaned against the lockers and looked at my two friends with slightly narrowed eyes and a grin on my face. As much as I loved them, they could be very persistent which was amusing to me - though it should be annoying. It was just weird to me how they could find the smallest things so important.

"It's going to be the biggest dance!" Ocean remarked, almost so loud she was about to throw her hands up.

"It's a private school," I chuckled, shaking my head at the stupidity I found in her statement. "Every dance we have is invested with over thousands of dollars. They're all the 'biggest'."

"Yeah, but this one is the winter one which is always better than the spring one," Preslie muttered, trying to defend herself.

"Yeah, and peanut butter and jelly is always better with bread," I smirked. "How does the season make it better exactly?"

Preslie shrugged and looked down the hall, avoiding my eye contact because she didn't have an answer, she just wanted me to come - which only made me more amused.

Preslie was the girl who always wanted to live in the moment and not miss a single chance to make memories so a single school dance was a big deal for her. It was pathetic but cute.

"Well, Christmas season is the best season." She shrugged, looking at me in a challenging way because she had come up with a response - not a very good one though.

"That is a matter of opinion, Pres." I laughed before pushing myself off the locker and starting to walk down the hall. My response only caused Preslie to roll her eyes at me.

"Come on, Eliza." Ocean sighed, trying to end this stupid argument that had been going on all week now. "It's a dance for a few hours on a Friday night. What else would you much rather do anyway?"

I practically snorted, "Uh, eat, sleep, watch Gilmore Girls, go rollerblading. I don't know, anything but spending time in a cramped room with the snotty, stuck up people in this school with crap music playing." I wasn't a big fan of dances especially school held ones.

Preslie smacked my arm lightly, "Come on, Eliza! Cute guys in suits and us in fancy dresses. Don't you want the ultimate and full high school experience?"

"There are like 4 dances a year, missing one will not cause the world to stop spinning." I swung my arm around her shoulders and continued walking.

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