Chapter Thirteen

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Several hours after sendimg sophitz on their date, I found my brother and best freind passionately making out in the hallway.
What is with these two?
Like, seriously.
Why is it always me who walks in on them.
I'm really pleased that they are finally dating, but is it really necessary to make out in the hallway when his room is right there? At least I'm a vanisher. This is going to be fun.
I dissappear and walk up beside Sophie. There isn't much space between her and Fitz, but it's enough. Grinning, I bring my knee up in between them and let it find it's mark in between my brother’s legs.
He gasps, and collapses. I appear long enough for them to register that it was me, and yell 'GET A ROOM'. Then, I vanish again and run back to my room, giggling to myself.

Sometimes I really want to kill my sister.
I get it, she's fed up with walking in on us making out, but seriously. This? Would it have been that hard to just ask?
Sophie’s eyes are wide, and her hand was over her mouth. As the pain subsides, I look up at her.
This is a good angle to look at her, but I know I should probably get up.
She bends down and offers her hand to help me up.
Now I really don't want to get up.
I take her hand and drag myself up.
"You okay?" She whispers
"I'm okay." I open the door to my room. "Come on."
She walks into my room and tugged her dress down. It had pushed up to the point where it had been exposing most of her butt.
Totally  not my falut.
I close the door behind us and lock the door. I don't know what I'd do if Biana interrupted us again.
I grab her shoulders and throw us onto my bed. I start trailing kisses over her face and down her neck. She lets out a melodious laugh and rolls over.
"We should get some sleep." She says.
I sigh.
"I suppose we should."
I drag myself off the bed and dissappear into my wardrobe. I grab a random shirt for myself and throw it on the floor. Then, I open a box and lift up my favourite bramble shirt. I want Sophie to have it.  I never wear it, and I know she'll love it and treat it like a child.
Not that I'll tell her it's my favourite.
I grab my shirt and go back into my room. I hand Sophie her shirt and direct her to the bathroom. Once she's gone, I strip and pull the shirt over my head. I crawl under the covers and wait for her.
Several minutes later, Sophie comes out of the bathroom wearing my favourite bramble shirt.
Only my favourite bramble shirt.
Well, I suppose she's wearing undergarments as well, but still. The sight of jer makes the hairs on the back kf my neck stand up.
She crawls under the covers beside me, and we fall asleep beside each other, loke childeren in a fairy tail.

A/N- OMG GUYS I'M SO SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO UPDATE! I've been super busy with music, but I totally understand if you guys hate me for the rest of eternity and block me. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I promise I'll put actual truth or dar in the next chapter. I know this story isn't really sticking to the title


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