Chapter 2

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Perrie Edwards sat on her bed in her still-unfinished apartment as she went through the contents of the bag that had stayed by her side for the four years she'd traveled around the world. It felt strange that the four years that had changed her entire view on the world could be condensed into the contents of one backpack, but really, Perrie knew that the letters were more than just tales of her adventures wine tasting in Italy and getting lost in Austria. The letters folded into individual envelopes each held the promise Perrie had made to the woman she loved.

Six years ago, Perrie Edwards had borrowed a phone from a stranger and had dialed what she'd believed was her best friend's phone number. She'd dialed the wrong number and it had been the best mistake she'd ever made. She'd accidentally dialed the number of another girl, a girl with whom she'd spent hours on the phone with over the course of two months before she finally met her in person. A girl who turned out to be the famous singer, Amelia Thirlwall. Perrie and Jade had spent the following months falling more and more in love, getting engaged just under a year after they started dating. They were engaged for four months when the stress of Jade acting on location halfway around the world got to be too much and they'd ended their relationship. It had broken both their hearts.

The couple had made a promise though.

Perrie had promised to write letters to Jade for as long as she still loved her and the hundreds of envelopes in her backpack were proof that her love had not died. The status of the envelopes, however, was proof that Perrie wasn't the most organized person in the world.

For four years Perrie had traveled the globe, writing letters whenever she felt the need to tell Jade something. She would write a letter, seal it in an envelope and date it before hiding it away in the backpack. Needless to say, the hundreds of letters were not organized in the slightest.

Sitting on her bed with the hundreds of letters surrounding her, Perrie felt slightly overwhelmed at the task at hand. She knew that she had to organize the letters chronologically. She'd gotten lucky the night before when she'd found the first letter right away and read it over the phone.

She'd read it to the woman who still had her heart. The woman who chance had forced her back into contact with. And now she had twenty-four hours to make sure they were all organized.

Not yet ready to begin the task at hand, Perrie withdrew her phone and opened to her contacts, flipping to the contact that had been updated the night before with its new number. Jade Thirlwall. Her contact photo had been the same for five years, a selfie the other woman had taken holding up the engagement ring Jade had given her the week after Jade had proposed to Perrie.

Perrie's finger hovered over the text message button for several moments before she swiped away from Jade's contact and opened up another instead. She found Jesy (Nelson) Roche's phone number and dialed it. The woman picked up on the second ring.

"Look who finally feels bad about screening my calls all day yesterday," the woman huffed. Perrie thought she could hear the sounds of a screaming child in the background.

"Is that my godson in the background?" Perrie responded. "Because it sounds like you're ignoring the cries of a precious child just to hear potential gossip."

"He's fine, I just put him down for his nap and he wasn't too happy about it. He'll be asleep in minutes I'm telling you," Jesy explained. "And wait, what is this about potential gossip? Are you just taunting me because my contact with anyone over the age of twenty months is limited to my husband who complains non-stop about dirty diapers?"

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