6 years

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[A/N: I am back from Philippines! It was fantastic but sadly the fun lasted only for a month and I felt that it wasn't enough ( ; - ; ) but oh well.. There's always next time]

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3rd PoV

6 years...

6 effin' years since they last saw Sawada Tsunayuume.

Their friend...

Their family...

Their sunshine...

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Ever since that day, nothing have been the same. Yamamoto kept smiling fakely, Gokudera has been more violent that before, Ryohei became a little less extreme, Chrome has been a little too quiet and Mukuro has been torturing more unfortunately souls now...

Then there's the world's biggest idiot, Reborn Sinclair.

Nothing changed 'bout him and that makes the others wonder if he regretted doing/said those things to her.

But none of them notice the dark cloud above him. Filled with dark emotions that he thought he didn't have.

Sadness, anger, regret...

Those accumulated themselves forming this cloud of darkness ever since that day.

No one never went to the Sawada Household ever since the day they discovered her depart.

They knew that Nana was furious at them so they stopped going.

But Reborn didn't and continue to visit her from time to time. He was genuinely surprise when he was greeted with a look of forgiveness.

He thought that one she saw his face ...that very face of the man who hurt her older daughter the most... She would immediately turn him into minced meat. But no... Only a face of forgiveness and a meal.

Slowly Nana's trust as gained by the others so did Tsunami's who was reluctant at first.

They continued training, to make themselves stronger just in case when Tsuna come back and will still accept them as her guardians.

Half of their consciousness tell them that she will never come back while the other half said she will. They just hope that the latter was true.






"Moshi moshi?" A soft voice said after she picked up her cellphone.

"It's been a while since we talked, piccola leonessa. Dimmi, com'é stai?" An old wise voice said in Italian.

The figure smiled and stares at the blue sky above.

"Stop benissimo grazie per avermelo chiesto, Nonno" wind picked up and swirls around her, tousling her long silky brown locks. A few leaves flew around her legs.

"Tell me Tsuna. Do you still remember our agreement?" Nono asked softly.

Slowly, her smile faded and held a blank face, emotions all absent.

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