Chapter 1

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Letter 1
September 15, 2016
(one month post break-up)


People always say that once you've found your true love you should never let them go, that no obstacle is too great to overcome. Those people are either naive or they've never been in a long distance relationship. But maybe there is something true to what they say, because I will never let you go. I never could. Hence why I'm writing this letter.

You fell asleep while on the phone with me for the last time ever just over an hour ago and the finality of that thought is what is keeping me awake. The finality of you asleep in our bed while I am in my childhood bed. You were right though, it's not fair to either of us that we keep calling each other. We're broken up and now we're just delaying the inevitable. I guess old habits die hard.

I'm trying not to think about the way your hair is still damp from showering, clinging to your neck. When you wake up, it will still be slightly wet. It'll be curly and bushy and you'll swear as you try and fix it. You'll blame your dad for your genes, but you'll be glad you look so much more like James than Norma.

Eventually, you'll get ready for the day and continue on. You'll continue on with your life. You'll start press soon for your movie. You'll start recording your new album soon. Then you'll go on tour again. You'll be amazing. People will love you more and more each day.

Please let them see you. Let them see past Amelia. Let them see Jade. Let them know that you're not just some abstract figure. You're a girl still learning to live her life. Still learning to trust and to love. You are more than anyone knows. Don't be afraid to be yourself and to let others in.

Just because we aren't together, that doesn't mean I will ever stop caring about you. I never had the chance to tell you this, but I believe in soulmates. I believe that people can fall in love multiple times, but there will always be that person that holds a part of your heart forever. You are that person for me. And I hope you know that. And I hope one day you will read this and that we will have found each other again. In the meantime I will wait. And I will live. And I will love from afar.

Love from Virginia,



I know the plane tickets are a birthday present from you. Thank you.


song: Love Story Meets Viva La Vida - The Piano Guys

A/N: Hey! I'm back!!!!!!! So the title has been decided, it's a no-brainer.. We literally didn't know why we hadn't thought of that! Although the title isn't from a contributor but LittleRed945 and I still want to extend our thanks to those who sent me a private messages, you know who you are, especially those who sent in suggestions that were hilarious af! xD

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