Chapter 24

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Liam P.O.V

This is right up there with the ten worst things I've probably done in my life. I was at the front, constantly looking back to check that no-one as harmed.

I swear every step I took felt like I was walking into a black hole: Reckless, stupid and downright terrifying.

I was waiting for someone to jump out at us at any second, but the others seemed fine. Zayn, obviously noticing my stressed attire, came forwards.

"Calm down man, we'll be alright! To everyone else we're just a bunch of kids walking round town," he said. I sighed.

"I know, but I just can't help it..." I replied lamely, drifting off but Zayn got the jist and patted me on the back before returning to Perrie.

 We walked round town for about five minutes until they decided to find an easy route to the lab. We set off in the general direction of the harbour, asking a few people along the way.

When we eventually arrived at the harbour, we went around in a group scouting round the houses to see if any looked like the lab we were after. After half an hour of searching, Zayn called out:

"Guys, I think I found it." Louis strolled over as his face clenched up in confusion.

"Zayn, that's the Harbour Equestrian News store. And it looks pretty run down. I doubt this is the place."

"No, Louis look!" Zayn gestured wildly to the sign.

"Harbour Equestrian News." H, E, N." Suddenly it clicked.

"Of course, Zayn you're a genius!" I cried.

"Three letters," Perrie said.

"Vowel in the middle," Louis continued.

"Ending in 'N'," Harry finished. Louis began taking a step forward but I grabbed his arm.

"Oh no you don't." Louis looked up at me in confusion.

"We got this far. This far is enough. What if we went in and something happened to us? We need to wait for the others." Reluctantly, Louis returned to Harry's side.

I wasn't sure if he did that purposefully or just out of habit anymore. Shrugging I checked my watch and nearly choked. The others were due back in ten minutes and if we weren't there they would freak.

"Guys... We have to move." The others looked confused but as they saw my watch their eyes widened and they turned and began running, having memorised the way back surprisingly well.

We sprinted through the harbour and onto the streets, the whole journey taking ten minutes. With Perrie at the front, follow by Zayn, followed by Louis and Harry and then me at the back, we bolted straight through the market streets as fast as we could.

When we finally reached the cavern it had been almost twenty minutes. I don't know how I managed to sprint for that long. Together we began furiously hurling boxes out of the way before we stumbled into the cavern.

Scattered around the floor were a large number of bags all containing clothes, food and so on. It was obvious the others had bought these. I fell to my knees as I gently touched a red liquid dripping off the side of one of the bags.

"We're too late..." I whispered.

Niall P.O.V

We had been gone for about an hour, forty-five minutes at the earliest and had returned in cheerful spirits with our arms carrying swinging bags filled with food, torches and black clothes for the rescue mission.

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