Megan’s P.O.V.

                Beep. Beep. Beep.

                “Ugh, why did I stay out so late last night?” I groan as I turn off the alarm clock. I turn around and see 8:00 on the clock. “HOLY CRAP!”

                I jump out of my bed. “Guys, why didn’t you get me up? I slept in an hour late!” I yell down the stairs.

                “Because we thought it might teach you a lesson not to sneak out again!” Zayn yells back.

                “You guys do realize that if I’m late your late, right?” I say as I walk to the bathroom to get ready. “Where is my straightener and make-up?”

                “Oh, yeah. We don’t want to be late, so we hid them!” Niall yells up the stairs.

                “WHAT?! Guys it’s your fault that I got up late!”

                “But you’re the one who snuck out and stayed out until two in the morning!” Louis yells.

                “Whatever!” I say and walk into Liam’s bathroom and take his straightener and then go into my room and grab my other make-up bag that the hair and make-up people gave me for any big event. I lock the bathroom door and get ready as usual just a little quicker.

                “Megan what is taking you so long? All you had to do was get dressed.” Louis says through the door as I finish up getting ready.

                “Oh, sorry I’m ready. Let’s go!” I say as I walk past Louis and downstairs. I grab and apple and walk out the door.

                “Wait, Megan why is your hair straightened and why are you wearing make-up?” Liam asks as we walk over to the elevator.

                “Oh, because I used your straightener and the hair and make-up people gave me extra make-up for events so I used that!” I say and all the boys look annoyed with me.

                “I don’t see why you had to do that your beautiful without doing your hair and make-up!” Harry says as we pile into the elevator.

                “Guys, you don’t understand. You’re boys, you don’t have to worry as much about how you look as girls. All I have to do is not wear make-up one day and then tomorrow on the cover of US Weekly it will be me and they’ll be saying how ugly I look without make-up and I already get enough hate already!” I say.

                “Wait what hate? We didn’t know you were getting hate and even if you are just remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are!” Zayn says and they are look quite concerned.

                “Well that’s kinda hard to believe when every day you go on Twitter and you see people calling you a slut, ugly, fat, loser, desperate, talentless, etc….” I say.

                “They call you all that? I mean we get hate, but not that bad!” Louis says and they all hug me.    

                “Yeah, but it’s fine. I haters gonna hate!” I say and walk out in the lobby. I look over and see a familiar brown haired and hazel eyed girl at the front desk. “Laura is that you?”

                “Megan? Omg!” Laura says and runs over. “It’s been a while hasn’t it? What have you been up too?”

                “Well, let’s see got a record deal, went on tour in the U.K. and now I’m touring over here in America!” I say and she looks quite shocked.

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