Jealous Jerks and Darling Dates

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Megan’s P. O. V.

                I sneak past the boys who are in the living room of the hotel room playing FIFA and downstairs to the lobby. I see Ryan sitting there smiling.

                “Hello my goddess,” Ryan says and hugs me.

                “Hello god,” I say and hug him back. “So where are we going?”

                “That is for me to know and you to find out,” He says and holds out his arm. “Let’s go m’lady.”

                “Let’s go, mister,” I say and loop my arm through his. We walk out of the hotel and into the car waiting out back.


Louis’ P. O. V.

                “Hey guys I’m gonna go ask Megan if she wants to play,” I say and walk into her room to find it empty. “Megan? Where are you? Megan? Guys have you seen Megan?” I ask and pop my head into the living room and the guys look at me shocked.

                “Wait what? She isn’t in her room? Are you sure?” Harry asks and they all pop up not caring about the video games all of the sudden.

                “Wait let’s call Erin before we do anything drastic. Maybe she’s hanging out with her and Ashley.” Liam says always being the sensible one.

                “I don’t think she’ll be with Ashley. Don’t think they like each other very much,” Harry says as I pull out my phone.

                “Yeah I sensed that too,” Zayn says as I press call.

                “Hello?” Erin says.

                “Hey it’s Louis. We can’t find Megan. Is she with you?”

                “Wait, she didn’t tell you about Ryan?”

                “Ryan? What does he have to do with anything?”

                “Never mind. Bye Louis!” She says and hangs up.

                “Erin no! Guys I think Megan is out with Ryan.” I say and all the guys look up with anger, concern, and hurt in their eyes.

                “She would have told us,” Niall says looking sad

                “If that dude does anything to her he is going to get his face rearranged!” Harry.

              “Wait where is she? What if she doesn’t come back?” Liam says getting up and pacing around.

              “Guys let’s just call her,” Zayn says

              “I’m already on it,” I say and I hear the first ring. “’Hello, this is Megan’s phone leave a message after the beep. BYE!’ She denied me!”

              “I guess all we can do is wait,” Harry says sitting down.

Megan’s P. O. V.

                “Thanks Ryan I had a lot of fun tonight.” I say and hug him goodbye outside my hotel room. He took me to the boardwalk were we walked on the beach and then we rode some rides and shopped and just had fun.

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