Lonely Lunch | Archie Andrews

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17. Can you sit with me? Just for a little? (Archie)

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Lunchtime, where people bought somewhat edible food from the cafeteria, or go out to buy food and have it somewhere else. The time where people communicated more than normal, and probably one of the loudest times of day.

Lunchtime, the time where they strike you most.

Your friends always want to talk to you, and for their safety, you don't hang out with them at lunch. You don't like being distracted when you're eating. It never ended well when someone distracted you during the best time of the school day.

Or worse, when they stole your food.

That would never end well.

So you usually secluded yourself out back, where you could eat in silence. You would go to the cafeteria before the rest of the students, and bolt out to the back after getting your food.

But this time, you were running late. You had to stay behind to get lectured by a teacher. Running to the cafeteria, you attempted to get through without seeing any of your friends.

But of course, one of your friends, Veronica was behind you in line. She pulled you to their table after you were both done, and you were forced to deal with them taking your food, and make small talk with you.

It was torture, to put it simply.

Veronica and Betty were talking about who knows what, Jughead looked bored out of his mind, and Archie was nowhere to be seen.

Then they had to leave around 20 early, due to a food fight. Veronica naturally started it, Betty went to clean up, and Jughead just left to go wherever. Though you still couldn't find Archie.

The cafeteria was left a mess, and a good chunk of the students had left due to also starting the whole thing. Although, there were still a lot of students left in the cafeteria, and you looked alone.

You sat there, staring down at your food. You wanted to leave, but lunch would be almost over by the time you got to the back of the school, and you wanted to finish eating.

You then saw Archie coming by, and he looked at you and walked over.

"Where did everyone go?" He asked.

You explained the story, and he nodded. You guys did some more small talk, and laughed a bit. You no longer felt as if you had eyes on you because you were lonely.

"Well, I'm going to go and work on some more music. I'll see you around, yeah?" Archie said after a pause from the talking. He started to walk away, but you grabbed his wrist. He looked down at you, but you didn't make eye contact. "Y/N?"

You nervously pulled your hand back and blushed, your palms getting sweaty. There were only a couple minutes left of lunch at this point, and you didn't want him to go.

"Can you, uh." You started, but then paused and tried again. "Can you please sit with me? Just for a little while until lunch ends?"

Archie smiled at you, and sat next to you, wrapping his arm around your side protectively.

And he stayed for the rest of the lunch.

A/N: I'm gonna give thanks to ScarsLuv for writing this prompt. It turned out amazing. Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.

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