How to Annoy: People in an Elevator (26 ways)

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Remember: these are strangers (normally). Be prepared for different reactions and don't be too weird. Be completely nuts eue


1. Press the button for the top floor then jump out

2. Constantly ride the elevator up and down the building

3. Tell people you are a salesman. Offer them a stick of gum for 20 bucks

4. Sit near the wall, facing the corner, twitching and mutter "precious... Precious..." If someone asks what's wrong, stare at them, saying in a squeaky voice "the precious is mine... MINE...!"

5. Poke people then blame it on your imaginary friend

6. Ask people if they've seen your pet snake. Explain that you lost it in the elevator. Extra points if it's at a fancy hotel

7. Do a story time! Read a gossip magazine. Make sure you use lots of enthusiasm. Ignore anyone asking you to stop

8. Stand stiffly, staring at the door in horror when so done steps on. Mumble constantly "T-they're coming... They're coming..."

9. Tape pictures of your face on the walls of the elevator. Ask people if you've seen them and when they give you a weird look, burst out into tears and cry about how you miss them.

10. Sing songs in a "beautiful" voice

11. Press every single button and get out on the second floor

12. Every time someone leaves, hug them and sob. Tell them how you'll miss them and hope you meet again

13. When someone walks on, hug them and say "SENPAI! I FOUND YOU!" ((For those who don't know: Senpai means someone you like-like in Japanese))

14. Sneeze on your hand then press the elevator buttons

15. Better version of 14: sneeze ON the person next to you

16. Decide to brush your teeth at moment. Explain how you didn't get to do it earlier

17. ((This is a two or more person prank)) Go onto an elevator on the top floor going down. Be wearing a black suit with black sunglasses and have a page under your arm. Look at everyone in the elevator suspiciously. When you get to the lobby, your friend ((or friends)) will be waiting there also wearing dark suits and glasses. Walk over to them and hand off the package. Once out of the building split up and regroup somewhere else ((freak out more people outside of the elevator too by sneaking around))

18. Look up and mutter loudly "huh. That's a weird place to put a piano..." Count how many people look up

19. Claim you are 16 years old and a grandmother. Show them pictures from Google of little kids that look nothing like you to prove it

20. At a quiet moment, yell at the top of your lungs "WHY IS IT SO QUIET IN HERE?!"

21. Play air guitar to the elevator music if it's low or dull music

22. Ask them a certain question. Re-ask this question multiple times

23. Scoot behind someone and whisker loudly "Angela knows where you live..." ((This has to do with the Talking Angela "Hacker" junk))

24. Talk constantly how you're going to candy mountain with Charlie. Explain how Charlie is you pet unicorn and show off a stuffed unicorn proudly.

25. Learn minion talk ((despicable me minions)) and speak to everyone in that language

26. Mock them (move in the same way they are. Copy them)

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