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Evelyn's POV

(... Continuity)


"You make me so mad, Evelyn."

Without a seconds hesitation he flung his palm forward again,until it came in contact with my cheek that were already blazing with the redness from the slap earlier.
The impact made my wheelchair struggling to stay put and I fell flat on my face.

The pain started vibrating from my cheeks and then it made its way to the bandaged area of my diaphragm.

His eyes were blinded by rage,anger boiling inside them.It hadn't been a few minutes returning to the mansion from the hospital and I was already facing his wrath.
"You never listen to me,do you?" He clutched a handful of my hair and jerked my head upwards facing him.
Tears were dripping with an impossible speed.
"I thought may be you learned your lesson. Looks like it isn't the case." He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the room next to the living room, the same room where I was locked after I was verbally abused and physically assaulted by my monstrous dad. I couldn't walk properly,the recent surgery wasn't letting me to.

The disguise of a humble man was replaced by the real face of him,that face which was hidden from the paparazzis camera,the media and all the people that worshipped him for his fake, show off contributions.
He was a monster,a psychopath to be precise,who felt the happiness in abusing his daughter,killing innocent lives.
The people outside this mansion was completely clueless about the evil deeds he performed.

I still clearly remember when the middle schooler me thought it was too much to take in and decided to escape.My escape attempt failed and I was beaten,abused until the thought of running away completely disappeared.

From a very young age I was abused by this psychopath who was now locking my feet in a bulky chain.

This wasn't something new.

"See what happened to that lover boy of yours, see what have you done?" He let out a sinister laugh.

"Am I a baboon? Wouldn't I know about your escape?" He grabbed my cheeks,his fingernails digging into my skin.

I bit my lip.

"I could have strangled you the moment you gained your consciousness. But I couldn't be a bad daddy infront of those people,now could I ?" I looked up to him. His eyes looked so scary that it could burn me alive.
I gulped.

He slapped me, thrashed me getting more violent every few seconds.
The reason for me being alone at school, college,the reason I wasn't allowed to make friends or speak to anyone was because I could've slipped everything, every dirty secrets of this man to others. He avoided that at any cost. I was even hidden from the media people.

But I did spill the secret, didn't I?
And Nathan died...

None of the maids and servants that worked in the mansion was allowed to interact with others and spill anything. If it happened,they would meet a dead end.

"David, Stop it." Heather,my grandmom, screamed from the entrance of the room.
"She has just been discharged from the hos--" Dave glared at her, shooting arrows towards her. She pursed her lip. Even she was scared from the inhuman son she gave birth to.

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