Sloane was afraid she'd never have that moment of clarity. She'd never know what she wanted to be. She knew she wanted to work with people, but beyond that, she was blanking. She checked her clock again. Ten minutes until the interview. Her father had always used to say, "if you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late; if you're late, you're dead," so she grabbed her stuff and got out of her car, figuring coming in early wasn't going to do any harm. When she walked into the little boutique, she saw someone standing behind the counter. A warm smile met Sloane when she was fully inside the building. 

      "Hi!" The girl took one look at the resume Sloane was clutching in her hand and Sloane received an even bigger smile. "You must be Sloane! I'm Andie." She was a tiny thing with dark cocoa skin and hair dyed a bright fire engine red. Sloane decided she liked Andie. "You're early! Helene's gonna love that! A word of advice, I know it's cold out there, but hang your jacket up. It gets super hot in here and our A.C. unit is down for the count for the time being. You want something to drink? I think we've got some water and tea back there somewhere."

      "Sure, I'd love some water," Sloane replied. Andie smiled encouragingly and left for a few moments to grab Sloane a drink. While Andie was gone, Sloane surveyed the boutique. It was quaint and cute, clothes lined the walls according to size. In the center of the building were racks of jewelry and accessories. There were about twelve mannequins around the store showcasing cute outfits that probably weren't practical for the colder days in Washington, but were fashionable nonetheless. Sloane turned when she heard the back door open once more. "Thanks," she said, accepting the water from Andie. 

      "No problem! Helene's just finishing up a phone call and then she'll come out and grab you for the interview. Have you ever interviewed before?" Sloane shook her head. "The interview here is really easy, I promise. And Helene is the nicest manager ever. She'll probably have you answer the basic questions and then have you come out here and pick out an outfit to dress one of our mannequins. That's what she had me do, anyway." Sloane released a breath she didn't even know she'd been holding. That didn't sound too bad.

      Andie liked to chatter, but Sloane didn't mind. She thought it helped with any nerves she had about the interview. Her redheaded companion didn't even cease her sentence when they both heard the sound of heels on the floor. Sloane watched as the woman she assumed was Helene stepped out from the room Andie had disappeared into earlier. She was wearing the kind of outfit Amy Saunders never liked wearing and the kind that Rachel loved wearing. It was a beautiful dark purple skirt that hugged Helene's figure with a cream colored blouse and black heels that made Sloane feel like a dwarf. 

      "You must be Sloane! I'm Helene Swift, it's so great to meet you." Helene held out her hand and Sloane was quick to shake it, trying to remember all of Brandon's tips about a firm handshake. When Helene smiled, Sloane figured she had done alright. "Let's go into the back and get started with the interview. Andie, you okay to handle things out here?" Andie saluted Helene jokingly before grabbing a magazine to read behind the counter while it was still dead in the front. "You can follow me," she directed towards Sloane as the two walked through the doors Helene had just come from, Sloane trying not to shake in her shoes. Brandon had warned her about how nervous she might be. She just needed to answer honestly and breathe deeply. That had been his advice for her.

      Helene had a little office set up behind the wall where they backstocked all their clothes. Sloane could see the colorful sweatshirts and sequined-pockets on jeans before Helene led her to a little office setup with a desk that had a few papers strewn around it. "You look nervous," Helene mentioned with a small smile as she sat at the desk and gestured for Sloane to sit in the little pull out chair next to her. "First job interview?" She guessed. Sloane smiled wryly. She wondered if she was that transparent.

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