Chapter Thirty Six

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"My heart's at a low, I'm so much to manage. I think you should know that I've been damaged..." —TLC

I held my hands to my mouth silently crying as I heard Jelissa scream from the other room. What he was doing to her was wrong... what I did to her was wrong. But I didn't have the courage to go in there and fight him for her.

What's fucked up is that while they were dating, I was blaming Jelissa for every single thing that Mason did. I chalked up her 'allowing' him to hit on her to her just being weak. But in all reality Mason is an unstable, manipulative, and egotistical person. I didn't understand how but he instilled a fear that was very real in my heart. Even though I was hurting, walking away and leaving him alone just wasn't an option.

Mason made me feel like he could hurt my little sister, like he could hurt my family and that thought alone was enough to keep me coming back to him and trying to awaken the man within the beast. Peeping my head through the door way I turned back as I heard the loudest slap and shut the door slyly trying to lock it and grab my phone simultaneously before starting to dial.

"911, what is your emergency?" The operator answered and I sighed leaning my back against the door trying to breath, "M—My boyfriend is um... bea— beating up his AHHH!" I screamed as the door started shaking and Mason barked at me through it, "You calling the fucking cops on me?! You better open up this damn door," I watched the door shake looking like it could just fall in and I dropped my phone before running into the closet and locked it from the inside.

Jacob Jr.

After much thinking I decided that it would be petty of me to not allow Jelissa access to my computer especially when I wasn't using it. I walked down the hall and knocked on her door to no answer. "I know her ass ain't go back to sleep," I mumbled as I twisted the doorknob, "Jelissa?" I looked around the room and even poked my head in her bathroom to see she wasn't here at all. "Shit..." I ran my hands over my face.

I ran down the hall into my room to pick up my phone and call my uncle as I slid my feet in my timbs and threw on my jean jacket.

"Hey nephew, what's going on? You know your pops doesn't really want you communicating with me like this." I sat on the edge of the bed with the phone on speaker, "Uncle Sean it might be an emergency. I mean I don't know for sure but I might need your help."

"An emergency like what?" He questioned, "I think Jelissa might've gone to her ex boyfriend's house. Mason." He cleared his throat, "Really? And what gave you that idea?"

"She said she left her laptop over there and I know she had a project due for school. I think we should go over there." My uncle chuckled, "We? Jake stay at home I'll handle this aight?"

I shook my head, "No I have to go. Please just come pick me up?"

"I said no. Now stay your ass in the house, and I'll handle it." He hung up before I could even get another word out and I kissed my teeth as I stood up off the edge of the bed running down the stairs and into the living room where I saw my mom sitting watching The Word channel.

"Mommy can I borrow the truck?" She looked up at me with a smile, "Sure hun drive safe. The keys are in my pocketbook on the counter." Grabbing the keys I left quickly and sped downtown. If anything happened to Jelissa I knew it would be my fault, or at least my dad would see it that way. So if I got her into some mess, I'd have to get her out.

As I pulled into the parking garage I saw Jelissa's car sitting parked in the corner and I didn't even bother to find a spot I took the key out of the ignition and abandoned the car right where it was at and got the elevator. Mason and I used to be cool. I used to hang out with my big cousin Shamar and we all used to play ball at the community center. But one day Shamar stopped hanging out with him, and as a result I did as well being that he was our only mutual friend.

When I stepped off of the elevator I heard loud banging coming from all the way down the hall, so I started haul assing in the directions of Mason's apartment and started banging on the door. When I didn't get an answer I took a few steps back before banging my shoulder up against the door, attempting to force it open. After doing this a few times I eventually busted the door open and I saw Jelissa on the floor looking passed out with blood pouring from her nose.

I looked towards the back of the apartment to see the bedroom door pushed open so I rushed back there to see Mason banging on the closet door while yelling and I spun him around by the shoulder and punched him clean across the face, "You still like beating up females bruh?!" I barked at him as he pushed me and I pushed him back. From here it turned into a fight and I won't lie, Mason had gotten the best of me after a while and I stood up stumbling trying to make my way over to him.

"Don't worry I got something for yo' ass," He spat as I swung and missed and he made his way across the room picking up a gun from the nightstand and I held up my hand, "You ain't got a damn thing for nobody," I saw uncle Sean enter the room and throw a mean punch knocking Mason to the floor but it was too late, he had already pulled the trigger...

*If you were in Jake's shoes, would you have listened to Sean and stayed home? Is he responsible for what happened at Mason's?

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