Chapter Twenty Five

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"Welcome, members of Dark Moon Pack!" I announce with my Alpha tone as my pack gathers in front of me. 

"As all of you know, Lance and I were engaged and tonight was our wedding. I am now Alpha Aubrey Wilkinson!" I say again and everyone claps and cheers while Lance kisses my temple.

"So that means we get to welcome a new Alpha." I say again.

The minister hands me the ceremonial knife.  

I slice my hand then I slice Lance's.

I put my hand over his and grip his wrist as he grips mine.

We did this when he became Beta. But new title, new blood. 

"Do you, Lance Wilkinson promise to lead Dark Moon Pack correctly and not take advantage of it?" I ask loudly.

"I, Lance Wilkinson, promise to lead Dark Moon Pack correctly and shall not take advantage." 

"Do you Lance, Wilkinson, promise to protect Dark Moon Pack at all costs? Even if it means sacrificing yourself?" 

"I, Lance Wilkinson, promise to protect Dark Moon Pack at all costs, even if it means sacrificing myself for the greater good of the pack." Lance replies seriously.

"Do you, Lance Wilkinson, promise to always respect your Alpha as well as every member of Dark Moon Pack?" I ask, feeling are blood mix together even more with each promise.

"I, Lance Wilkinson, promise to respect my Alpha as well as every member of Dark Moon Pack." Lance replies without a second thought.

"Are you, Lance Wilkinson, ready to receive the title of Alpha, which comes with much responsibility and respect?" 

"I, Lance Wilkinson, is ready to receive the title of Alpha knowing that it comes with much responsibility and respect." 

"I, Alpha Aubrey Wilkinson of Dark Moon Pack hereby pronounce you, Lance Wilkinson, Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack." I announce.

"I accept." Lance breathes out. 

I nod at let go of his hand.

The minister hands us each a cloth to tie around our hands. 

I face the pack.

"May I announce former Beta of the Dark Moon Pack, Alpha Lance Wilkinson." I say loudly. Cheers erupt throughout the pack with claps. 

"Tomorrow at noon there will be the reception here celebrating our wedding and Lance becoming an Alpha. But for now, we'll run." I say, yelling the last part in a friendly manner.

We all strip our clothes and shift into our wolves.

You'll follow Lance and I. I mind-link the entire pack. 

You're in control now. I say to my wolf. 

Gladly. She replies, before taking off. 

I see her look around proudly at her pack. She sits down on her hind legs as everyone else does. 

And we howl.


As a pack.

As a family.

In this life.

And the next.

"Good morning, beautiful." Lance whispers softly beside me.

"Good morning, handsome." I reply with a smile, remembering the events from last night.

"I made you breakfast." Lance comments, pointing to a tray beside me.

"Looks like you made breakfast for yourself as well." I say chuckling, sitting up and looking at the tray at food which has two plates on it.

"Well, I was hungry too." Lance grumbles, which I can't help but laugh at.

"Zip me up?" I ask turning so that my back faces him.

"Of course." Lance replies, his fingers brushing my skin, which leaves tingles. I gasp and step away from him, then face him.

"You felt that, didn't you?" I ask, thinking I just imagined it.

"Yea." Lance says breathing out. 

My fingers go to his mark on my neck as his fingers goes to the mark on his neck.

We really are second chance mates.

"I knew it." Lance says, a grin on his face.

Without wasting a second more, I crash my lips onto his.

"We really need to stop, Mrs. Wilkinson or I'll throw you on that bed, rip that dress off and ravish you like there was no tomorrow. And we have a reception to go to." Lance grunts out breathless. 

"Okay." I breath out. "Tonight."


"I can't believe we're finally going on our Honeymoon." I say excited. 

"We have a month before we have to go back." Lance says with a grin.

"Then we can't leave for a while. Danny has done so much me these past few months. And we leave him being a newbie Beta." I say with a laugh. 

"Now, let's get to Bora Bora." Lance says right before I place my lips onto his.

"French Polynesia?" I question to which he nods. 

I smile and kiss him again. 



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