Piercings, Jealousy, and Damon Salvatore

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  • Dedicated to My love, Damon Salvatore. And Ian.

Chapter 6

“Give me a reason why shouldn’t I just beat up the fu--,” he said, but stopped himself as soon as he realized what he was going to say. He innocently turned to look at me, which caused me to roll my eyes. “I mean freak,” he corrected himself.

Christian wasn’t lying when he said every girl that he passed by check him out. It took me a week to admit it to him, because I was totally annoyed by every girl who walked to him, asking for things that’s best not to be mentioned. Finally, he told those girls to back off as I smiled in triumph. It wasn’t that I was jealous of him being with other girl; it was because I don’t want any girl to get between us or take our time from hanging out with each other.

As we sat the cafeteria spot he managed to get by scaring away a couple of people, I lazily prompted my elbows on top of the table so I could lean my face on the palm of my hand. I thought of the faces of the people who were frightened of Christian’s "macho man" attitude and how they probably don’t have a place to eat. Something in me felt guilty for watching him scare them like that, but it suddenly dispersed as I realized how people treated me as before--treated me as if I was nothing.

I turned to face Christian, who always looks irritated ever since I told him about the one who shall not be named, because if I mention his name, Christian would blow off steam. His jaws were clenched and his mouth was squeezed into a straight line, with his eyes brows furrowed in frustration, which was his face when he wants to kill someone.

He slowly inhaled and exhaled deeply and turned his gaze at me.

I quickly looked away, hoping he didn’t catch me looking at him. If he did, he would assume the stupidest idea ever.

“Give me one reason,” he repeated, as if he needed something so he won’t actually kill him.

I wouldn’t mind if Xavier got hurt, but I will not allow Christian to actually murder him, because he would be punished and I don’t want him to get in trouble because of me. But then again, I’m not sure if he wants to kill him because Xavier left me, destroyed my social life, and left me a depress sucker or if he was jealous. “Well for one, he’s not here,” I said, stating the obvious. A week has passed and Xavier failed to come. The day Christian came, he coincidentally left home after the incident. At least he didn’t see you drenched with soda, I heard myself say, which caused me to mentally slap myself.

“It’s like he knows I want to beat him up,” he muttered softly as he picked up a fry in his tray.

“Another reason would be not going to jail,” I continued furiously, remembering our conversation three days ago about him being arrested multiple times. As his best friend, I was pissed. “You are an idiot,” I exclaimed softly enough for only for him to hear. “I can’t believe you already have a record. That will not erase and it will follow to college. Then you will end up working at McDonald’s or something! Don’t you care about your future? Well, I do and I will not watch you end up a hobo,” I hissed.

He rolled his green eyes in amusement. “You’re so uptight. I know I have done stupid things before, but I don’t think it will affect me when I go to college. You are overreacting, like you always do, ever since we were younger. And seriously, Paige? A hobo?”

“See,” I growled, angry at the fact he was taking this lightly. “Ever since you left me, you’ve been a total disaster!” Aside his appearance, his personality completely changed. He used to be so sweet and charming, even adorable, but now there is something about him that makes him seem callous and dangerous, sometimes scary.

He trailed his hands above his head as I heard myself gasp as I caught the sight of a dark, shiny stone. “What. The. Freak,” I whispered harshly, disbelief and irritation ringing in my voice.

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