§Chapter 10§

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I opened my eyes to my mom shaking my shoulder gently. I groaned and rolled over.

"Come on Iva. I just want to take your temperature. Don't fight me on this."

I sighed and opened my mouth for her to put the thermometer in. She thanked me and walked back into the kitchen, probably making breakfast. I looked up and closed my eyes again when the light started to hurt. All of the energy I had earlier, had seemingly left and I felt sick. My mom came back in the room and looked at the thermometer.

"Well. Your temperature is back to normal. Feel better?"

"I felt fine earlier. Now I feel like absolute crap."

"Well you shouldn't have exerted yourself. You aren't going to school today anyways. They called and said keep you here for today."

I nodded and rolled back over.

"I'm not getting out of bed today just so you know."
I heard the door shut and I knew no one was going to bother me for the entire day. I got comfortable and tried to fall back asleep.
"Told you. You shouldn't exert yourself."
"Oh come on. I just want to sleep."
"Well whose fault is that then?"
I closed my eyes and shifted my legs slightly. The bed sunk down and he wrapped his arm around my waist. I had a small flashback to the dream he put in my head, and tensed.
"Aren't you going to get up now?"
"Hmm, nope. Tired. I could care less."
He kissed my shoulder and moved up towards my ear.
"Aren't I making you uncomfortable?"
I started fake snoring. He moved his arm. I won! He left me alone, finally. He turned me over so we were positioned just like we were yesterday morning.
"Uncomfortable yet Iva?"
"Stay out of my head and I'll be fine."
He huffed and held me closer to him.
"How does this not make you uncomfortable?"
"Maybe I'm just getting used to your annoying ass."
"Whoa. Swearing? And you're used to me? That mean you'll marry me?"
"Nope. Never said that. I want a normal life. You, aren't normal."
"So if I enrolled in your school. Pretended to be human. And seemed to be normal, you'd marry me?"
"No. I'd like you as a friend if you did that. I'd marry you if you made me fall in love with you."

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