Chapter 1

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I rested both feet on the ground on each side of my bike while I waited for the light to change. I just wanted to go. Of course, we still had to follow all the rules of the road. I didn't want to be flattened, or have my bike that way, so I held back the urge to twist the throttle and let go.

It wasn't easy.

There was so much going on lately, and my head was full of chaotic thoughts. I usually didn't stop long enough to let any of them take root, but they were now. God, I needed to go. Just go, as fast and as far as I could. Icarus and Bull were expecting us back within the hour, so I couldn't even do that.

After what happened to Trace on his last patrol, I couldn't blame them for keeping a tight rein on our patrol times. It still sucked donkey ass.

Hawk's bike idled behind me, and that had the back of my neck prickling. I shouldn't feel that way, shouldn't let him get to me. I'd known him a long time, and I'd always been able to feel when his eyes were on me.

Like they were now.

I shifted on my seat, keeping my gaze focused on the light, waiting for it to turn green. I ignored the buzzing phone in my pocket and everything but that light. If only the electricity I felt from Hawk could be as easily tuned out.


I twisted the throttle and shot through the intersection the moment the light changed. I heard the roar of Hawk's bike behind me and something moved through me, knowing he was back there.

Stop it.

I couldn't feel those things for Hawk. It couldn't be. That's all there was to it. We'd get back to the clubhouse, and we'd make our reports, then we could go our separate ways. It was the best way to keep peace in the club. None of them had to know the truth. We were only a couple guys who knew each other from the military. That was why Hawk helped me get into the club.

If they knew the truth, probably neither of us would be allowed to stay.

He was practically beside me now, and I saw him signal to turn into a parking lot. I didn't want to. I wanted to keep riding. With the tag of Lieutenant on his cut, he did have some sway. I didn't want to risk losing my cut, or the patch on the back of it. It meant more than I could ever tell anyone.

The Riders of Justice were the only family I really still had. They'd helped me get that justice for my little brother. I wished knowing that made a difference. In the end, it hadn't.

I pulled into the lot and cut the engine to a low idle. Pushing the visor of my helmet up, I barked, "What?"

"Cool your attitude, Devil," Hawk snapped back. "If you'd looked at your phone back at the light, you'd know what. Icarus wants us back at the clubhouse."

"We haven't finished our patrol."

"Doesn't matter. He said to come back, we go back."

That sucked donkey ass, too, but, he was right. I flipped my visor back down and turned over the engine on my bike. I didn't wait around for him before I took off. I'd hear about that later, but right now I needed to go.


When we pulled up in front of the clubhouse, Icarus, Bull, Trace, and Birdie stood on the porch. I didn't like the paleness in Birdie's face. Not a lot scared her. Not after being raised by a bunch of bikers. Even before Icarus joined the club, from the stories I'd heard, he and Bull had been friends. If Bull didn't at least intimidate you, nothing should.

Which meant it was bad if she was scared now.

I kicked down the stand for my bike and swung my leg over, jerking the helmet off my head at almost the same time. Bull was already coming down the steps and toward me. Great. Had Hawk already informed them of my attitude? Just fucking great. I wasn't a prospect anymore. I wouldn't get away with the same shit I had then.

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