Chapter 1 - The first day of school and the really bad news.

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“Mama, I don't want to eat weetbix. I want toast.”

Julia sighed, flopping her head down as Angelica repeated the same thing she'd repeated for the past five minutes in her funny mix of Australian and American accent, as she tried to get David to eat without him throwing it all over his brand new uniform. The girls, now six, were identical almost perfectly. Red hair, freckles, pale skin that burnt easily, gorgeous eyes, and part of the time her angels. And the younger twins were easily Levi's- David with his dark hair and dark blue eyes, Ophelia's lighter warm brown hair and warm lighter blue eyes the same slightly wavy hair that Julia had.

Today was a huge day. The part time angels were starting primary school and the younger twins were starting preschool.

Julia had spent all morning scoffing chocolate in an effort to not bawl her eyes out. She suddenly wanted more babies. It didn't seem fair, they were already growing up, already entering the education system.

Apparently all Australian werewolves went to school in the neutral state, as it was seen as the safest state, so she'd had to face the fact that her babies would be away for five days from now on during school term. Julia, who was mid-way through intense training, had to stay on the island. She'd only see them on weekends when Oliver or Levi, depending on who stayed with them over the week, brought them back home.

So in other words, she was going to be without her part time angels and either Levi or Oliver. For five days in a row. That was a lot of time. Julia hated it.

It wasn't like Julia hadn't been practising getting used to this idea. With Angelica and Evie had to go to preschool three days a week in Tasmania, Levi or Oliver took the boat down to Tasmania and everyone seemed to get use to this. The older twins behaved like this didn't bother them at all- being away from their mama so much. The younger twins got used to the idea of their big sisters being gone. Levi and Oliver didn't seem to mind.

It was always Julia who was the one in tears, watching the boat go, feeling like she'd never see them again. She knew that other parent werewolves in Australia had it worse- Julia at least got them back on the weekend, where as others saw their kids on the holidays- but there was something a little overwhelming about your kids being gone so long.

This was less devastating when Levi had pointed out that there were such things as speaker phones and that they could all still eat dinner together. That was what they'd done when the girls were in preschool- one hour in the morning, they'd sit there eating breakfast together over the phone, and then one hour in the evening, they'd eat dinner together. Speaker phones making it feel a little less like there was an ocean between them.

Maybe it was for this reason that she'd been allowed to come to Victoria, just for today, just to see the girls on their first day of school.

Julia watched Evie wander around outside in the sunshine on the boat's deck, already having eaten breakfast, with a giant backpack that looked way too big for her. The uniform was white and green, which made Evie's sunburn stand out a bit, but only Julia worried about that apparently. There was a big hat that flopped around their faces, which they had to wear at outdoors at school till summer was over, socks, skirts or shorts. Evie had worn shorts, Angelica went for the skirt, and they had different coloured necklaces on just in case the teacher had trouble telling them apart.

The only person who really had no trouble with these two's identities was Levi. The artist. Julia more or less could guess right. Oliver was hopeless with it, when they played 'Who am I', and was constantly teased by the twins.

“Say please to your mama, Angelica.” Levi reminded her, glancing up from the forms he was filling out, frowning slightly.

Please, can I have toast?”

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