Jay winced. He appeared hurt.

Wendy looked away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you think..."

"No, I get it and I understand. I just wanted you to hear me out for a moment, Wendy, alright? Try not to be angry with me."

"Too late."

Jay took a long deep breath and slowly let it out. "I think we shouldn't leave anything to chance...Will you at least agree to consider that thought?"

The woman narrowed her green eyes in consideration.

"Deal?" Jay said with a sideways grin, jutting his hand out at his wife hoping she wouldn't bite it off.

Wendy sighed and looked down at Jay's hand. "Deal, huh? Alright, let me show you how to make a deal!" She snickered, anger now gone, and pulled her husband to her.

Jay grabbed his wife's face and brought their lips together. He pulled Wendy close to him. Their tongues caressed the inner parts of each other's mouths. Jay eased his wife to the ground. His hand slid over her body. Flowers and grass tickled their skin as their passions burned...

"Ewwww!" Josh said standing over the couple. He was grinning as he clutched a handful of wildflowers in his grip.

The boy's parents released each other and lay back in the grass laughing.

Wendy grabbed the dusty boy and pulled him between them. "Josh. Mommy and daddy have to ask you some things, okay?"

"Uh huh." He lifted a limp flower and bopped his father on the nose with it.

"Ow!" Jay said laughing. "I am going to knock you out."

"Calm down, you two. Alright, Josh, do you remember talking to the mean lady last night?"

"I don't know...maybe. I know there was a lady on the couch and you wanted me to talk to her...but, not about brother G, right?"

"That's right, but tell me what else you remember about last night?"

"Um, after I saw the lady on the couch, I had a dream this lady was bad and made a lot of people die. But, she was friends with a man named Harold before all that. They were friends like you and daddy and Harold, right?"

"A dream, Josh?" Wendy asked, raising an eyebrow. "Not real?"

Jay patted Wendy's hand as he noticed the boy's confused expression.

Wendy nodded in understanding.

"Well, ummm, then the bad lady, she had a baby. It was sad, mommy, 'cause the baby died. An' then the lady, she cried...a lot."

Wendy looked at Jay then at Josh. "Wait, was this baby Harold's?"

"Yeah, maybe. It was like it was real, though, mommy. Then, I saw her heart was bad and when I touched it in the dream, it stopped working. I had to, 'cause she was gonna hurt you and daddy..." Josh jumped up. " Okay, I gotta go get some more flowers so I can beat up daddy!" The tiny bundle of energy ran off once more into the field searching for flowery weapons.

"What do you make of that, Wendy?" Jay inquired. His face wrinkled with concern.

"I...I, don't know, Jay."

"It was like the A.I. Sub-System's neural security protocol. Maybe when Browne startled Josh, our little boy shut down." Jay watched Josh pick flowers.

"Hmmm, so, you think that Geneticus' software imprinted on Josh?" Wendy asked, wearing a worried expression.

Jay rubbed his face with his hands. "Why the hell not? Our little boy is talking to T'Choulian monsters, too." He sighed.

"How could he know about Harold?"

"I honestly have no idea, babe," Jay said, glancing over at his little boy playing in the field.

"Hey mommy! Watch this!" Josh waved and threw several flowers in the air. The petals flew sideways as a breeze carried them away.

Wendy waved back in acknowledgement. "What about school? If he gets in a fight..."

"I don't know, but we can't think like that right now. Maybe it was only because we were in danger."

"I hope you are right, husband. I hope you are right." Wendy laid her head on Jay's shoulder as they watched their son run through the field chasing the flowers he was tossing into the wind.

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