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"Bye" I waved at Nadia as I sat, inside the car, next to Aaron. She smiled and waved back before the chauffeur drove the car away from her apartment and towards uncle Williams' mansion, where the party was held.

It's been just a few hours that our flight landed in California and before I attend the party, I wanted to pay a surprise visit to Nadia.

She was so surprised, and at the same time happy, seeing me at her apartment. I wanted to stay there longer and talk to her about so much but couldn't, as we have a party to attend.

The best part was when, Aaron told her about the downfall of the Marshall family and that the party was for the same, she got so excited that she requested me to tag her along, but as soon as I mentioned Dylan was the host, she wasn't interested in it anymore.

"It would have been fun if she came along with us. Why do you have to mention about VanAssche to her?" Aaron asked, making me come out of my thoughts.

"Fun for just you, Mr. Woodwords. They both will kill me if I try to play cupid with them" I rolled my eyes.

"I wasn't talking about the cupid game. It's just..." he was saying but I cut him off.

"It's just you want to irritate Dylan".

"In a way" he said with a sheepish grin, that forced me to smile.

Though Dylan and Aaron may not like each other much but they have bonded very nicely over getting James behind the bars and finding my mother.

Melissa, Aaron's PI, is working with Dylan's detectives and they are trying their best to get some clues about mom. They got a bit of information about her from some people, living around the place, James gave me the address of. They say, she used to live in that small house and not talk to anyone and then one night she left, some 7 years ago, and never came back. The detectives are doing every possible thing to find her but we're still not sure whether they will be able find her or not.

The car stopped outside uncle Williams' mansion and Aaron quickly got down and came towards me. I placed my hand in his and stepped out of the car. There were a lot of reporters of different news channels who, as soon as saw us, started clicking our pictures.

Ignoring them, we walked inside. Dylan engulfed me in a warm hug and shook hands with Aaron before taking us to meet uncle Williams and aunt Jenna.

"Caro, my little girl!" Uncle Williams said as we walked towards him.

It's been a decade since I last saw uncle Williams and aunt Jenna. I lost contact with them after mom was gone. Though, I used to talk to Dylan and he used to give me updates about them but I never got any chance to talk to them myself. Even on my wedding day, they couldn't be present there as uncle Williams wasn't well.

"It's so nice to meet you both after such a long time" I said and hugged both of them.

"We missed you, dear" aunt Jenna said with a motherly smile.

"Me too" I replied.

Uncle shook his hands with Aaron and congratulated him about James. It's crazy, how everyone is so happy that James is finally behind the bars. Not like I want anything better for him or not like I pity him, but the amount of hatred people have for him is unbelievable.

Dylan excused himself and went to attend other guests while Aaron and I stayed with uncle Williams and aunt Jenna, talking about random things.

"I've met you quite a many times before but that was because of business, now you're meeting me as my little girl's husband. Though, I know you love her and all but, dare you hurt her. Ever" Uncle Williams said, sternly.

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