The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 11

“Hailey!” Emily called as she ran into my room “Help!”

“What’s going on?” I said worriedly as I took in her horrified expression.

“We told Chase and he stayed silent the whole time, only glaring at us then he said that he wanted to talk to Josh alone and he looked really scary when he kicked me out of the room. What if he hurts him?” She said in a rush. Any normal human being wouldn’t have been able to register all what she said but I have awesome abilities when it comes to listening. Maybe it’s because I talk fast, I thought then I remembered that Emily was panicking and Chase was probably planning Josh’s murder.

“Oh shit,” I muttered as I closed the book I was reading and jumped off my bed. I followed Emily downstairs and I was surprised to find Alex and Paul still there.

“Did you hear any screaming?” Emily asked urgently.

Paul smirked and Alex struggled to muffle his laughter. Wow didn’t they care about Josh at all?

“Josh… The poor guy is probably wetting his pants now,” Paul commented and I giggled but immediately stopped when Emily shot me a death glare.

I cleared my throat and tried to forget what Paul just said because I was one of those people who never succeeded at hiding their laughter.

“Sorry,” I told her, biting my lips. “Where are they?”

She pointed to the door that leads to the family room. I pressed my ear against the door but I couldn’t hear anything.

“What are they saying?” Emily asked.

“I can’t hear anything,” I said “Time for Plan B.”

“And that is?” Paul inquired, looking amused.

I winked at him and cleared my throat again.

“Just don’t laugh, okay?” I said.

“Why?” Paul asked, trying to figure out what I was going to do.

“Because if you do, I’ll start laughing too and Chase will bury me alive with Josh,” I said seriously and he started laughing along with Alex. Emily just looked horrified.

“You’re being melodramatic,” Alex commented and I shot him an incredulous look.

“It’s Chase! Do you remember what he did to Fred?” Emily said, referring to her ex-boyfriend.

Alex and Paul both winced. I didn’t know what he did and when I was about to ask, Paul spoke.

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