Episode Three - E and S Were Here

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I ran into the kitchen, only to find Mom on her hand and knees attempting to scoop up bits of broken glass.

"Mom. Stop." I said calmly. "I'll get it."

Mom looked up at me and slumped backwards against the wall. "I couldn't sleep." She exclaimed. "I just wanted a nightcap... something to send me to sleep."

Her words slurred together, and I knew her night cap had become four or five drinks. I knelt down and gathered the broken glass. "Let's get you to bed." I said after I placed the broken pieces of glass on the bench. I helped her up off the ground, like I had so many times before and got her upstairs and into bed.

I returned downstairs and finished clearing up. I poured the remnants of Mom's wine down the sink, not that it would stop her from drinking. She seemed to have a never ending stash and no matter how many times I disposed of her alcohol she always seemed to find more.

I made sure the doors were locked before I went upstairs and sat down at my computer. My mind had been swimming with inspiration, but now I sat here it went blank. I opened the document and stared at the words I'd written earlier. All I could think about was that moment by the door with Seb. I didn't want to pine after him, and until he had returned I hadn't been... well not really. I closed my eyes and relived the scene in my mind. My fingers pressed against the keyboard and I began to type. The moment had seemed so raw, that I had to include it. Up until now my book had been an escape, a place to go when everything else seemed so lost. Now I was bringing reality in, mixing the two. I wasn't sure it was a good idea, but I couldn't stop it even if I had wanted to.

I wrote for a solid hour not stopping to even stretch my fingers. Once I was done I read over my work and let out a sigh. It was bittersweet, and real.

I climbed into bed before midnight, well aware that my shift at the diner began at 6am. I was almost thankful that I had work because it meant I could slip out of the house before running into Sebastian again. I wanted to see him, I missed him and the friendship we had... but things had changed since we were kids, and I wasn't sure that we could just go back to the way things were.

I went to sleep with Sebastian on my mind, memories flittered through my dreams like little reminders of when I had been happy, a time long since gone.

When I woke up the next morning to the sound of a bleating alarm clock my reality fell on me, like an anvil off a cliff. The sweetness of my dreams evaporated into thin air and I opened my eyes.

It was still dark, my room was pitch black, the only thing lighting it being the alarm clock beside me, filling the room with a dull flashing red light. I turned and hit the buzzer, it was 5am.

As much as I wanted to turn over and fall back asleep and back into my memories I couldn't. I had responsibilities and bills to pay. My wages barely covered the necessities, I had to work every hour I could.

I rolled out of bed and walked over to the closet. My spare uniform hung on its hanger, sticking out like a sore thumb from the rest of my clothing. Cut off jeans and red plaid peasant tops were hardly my style, but the manager had built the diner around what he had called an authentic country theme. Which meant country music blaring from a 50's jukebox, plaited pigtails and clothing that was more apt for Daisy Duke.

Once upon a time the uniform had swum on me, but as I'd grown older I had filled out, and now it showed more skin than I could ever be comfortable with. I loved everyone at the diner, but this had never been my thing, it was meant to be a summer job to get pocket money through high school but it never ended. Once I'd hoped the day Sebastian was leaving would turn into groundhog day... and it seemed in a way my wish had come true, but without Sebastian.

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