In the Philippines,

most kids in private schools are forced to speak English at all times.

A kid who just came from the province and who barely speaks the language tried his best to do so.

One day, the kid needed to go to the bathroom so bad but he didn't know what to tell his teacher.

He raised his hand and said,

"guro, pwede po bang pumunta nang banyo?"

(meaning, teacher may I go to the bathroom?')

Since the boy didn't speak English,

the teacher pretended that she didn't hear him.

The boy said to himself,

"what should I say (in Filipino, of course)".

Then suddenly, the boy raised his hand and said,


 and quickly rushed out the door and to the bathroom.

The teacher wondered what the boy meant.

15 minutes later,

the boy came back.

The teacher asked him where he went.

He said that he went to the bathroom and he needed to go really bad.

Then she asked what he meant when he said


The boy then explained,

"FATHER in filipino meant TATA, MOTHER in filipino meant INA and I in filipino meant AKO".

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