How to Annoy: Teachers (30 ways)

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1. Ask to go to the bathroom all the time

2. Run down the hallways screaming

3. Sing in class ((doesn't work in classes including singing))

4. Start crying dramatically if you get a paper back with a 99% grade. When they ask what's wrong shout about how you should have got a 100% not a 99%

5. Stand up when the bell rings

6. Make up nickname's for them

7. Burst in to long coughing fits

8. Act like you can't read when told to read out loud. Stutter and pronounce words wrong

9. Clear your throat every five minutes

10. Talk when they are talking

11. Eat in class. Make sure to chew with your mouth open and chomp loudly

12. Move your desk around a lot ((squeaky ones work best))

13. When they scold you, say "Sorry" a lot and mumble "Mom was right! I'll never good enough to take over the world!"

14. Chew gum in class and stick it under your desk

15. Read while they're lecturing

16. Make squeaking noises with your shoe loudly

17. In your final hour, count down till the end of the school day ((start at about ten seconds till)) and when the bell rings, scream "FREEDOM!" and rush out of the room

18. Write the incorrect hour on your homework ((ex- if your in fifth hour Algebra, put first hour Algebra instead)) Make sure that class hour doesn't exist

19. Leave random blank pieces of paper around your desk

20. Rip up pieces of paper and throw them everywhere

21. Stand up when there backs are turned to you. Sit down quickly and look at them innocently when they turn around. Do this continuously

22. Stare at the door the entire class and mutter quietly "T-they're coming... They're coming..." Include a twitch or shudder once and a while.

23. Draw on your desk

24. Flip through your book and "Oooo!~" and "ahhhh..." Once and a while when they are teaching

25. Make paper airplanes. Try to get them to fly into the trash can. If you do, jump out of your desk and yell, while pointing at the class, "I DID IT! AND YOU ALL DOUBTED ME!"

26. Look at them innocently with a dark grin on your face. Draw really creepy doodles on you homework for them

27. Yawn all the time

28. Sleep in class ((I wish))

29. Make the worst excuses about being late. Examples: "I got sucked into my locker which ended up sending me to Narnia so I had to find Aslan to help me but ended up finding the Doctor who was talking to Sherlock and Harry Potter and he took me on a ride in the TARDIS back home where I found Loki who dragged me back to school which I went into and ran upstairs, got my stuff, and ended up here now." ((Extra points if you use the example in one go))

30. Clap your hands with hand sanitizer all over your hands ((best with foam kind))

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