Chapter Thirty Five

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"Tears all in the pillow case, big girls all get a lil taste..." —Drake

I haven't been home in the last week or so. My mother and I were not seeing eye to eye per usual, and Mason and I thought it would probably be best for everyone to have some space and cool down. I squinted my eyes as the sunlight shone through the panel windows and I felt around the bed only to find it empty.

Sitting up, I looked around while knocking the crust out of my eyes before deciding to get up and go see what my boyfriend was up to. I found him standing behind the couch in nothing but his boxers with his phone attached to his ear so I approached him, hugging him from behind, and placing sweet kisses against his bare skin.

The conversation seemed short and innocent until it neared the end and he told whoever was on the other side of the line that he missed them too and would be seeing them soon. Furrowing my eyebrows I took a step backwards waiting for him to hang up. After putting down the phone he turned towards me with the same charming smile he'd won me over with sitting on his lips.

"Who was that on the phone?" I questioned with a hint of attitude ringing in my voice. Mason's smile faded and the vein in his jaw that I had met a few times before started jumping. He started chuckling, "Girl who you talking, to? You better quit playing with me." He went to wrap his arms around my waist but I slapped his hands away.

"No, I want to know who was on the phone because what you're not about to do is have me out here looking stupid for you."

"It's none of your business who I'm talking to, and you need to watch your tone when you speaking to me." He pointed his finger in my face as he turned to walk towards the bedroom. "None of my business my ass," I mumbled as he disappeared in the doorway and I picked up his cellphone to start lurking.

Just as I was about to open the messages app, I swear I lost all of the breath in my body as my back slammed up against the door with Mason's heavy hands enclosing themselves around my neck gradually squeezing tighter and tighter. "Didn't I just tell you it was none of your fucking business?" He barked and I nodded as I tried to pry his fingers apart while struggling to breath with my feet just barely touching the floor.

"I promise I ain't wanna do this, but you don't fuckin' listen!" He finally freed my neck from his grasp and I stumbled a little bit trying to find my balance as I coughed repeatedly. Looking up, I saw him walking angrily towards the bathroom and I followed but he slammed the door shut in my face.

"Yooo, can I come in or not?!" I woke up confused as I didn't know what while looking around my bedroom. The knocking continued and I sat up and put on my glasses that were sitting on the nightstand, "Come in." I cleared my throat and in walked Jake. "Happy birthday," he offered a slight smile and I wanted to roll my eyes out of habit.

"Happy birthday," I responded as I picked up my phone to see that it was already eleven in the morning. "Pops told me to come check on you. You good?" He questioned as I responded to a text from Emone and another one from August and one from my science partner at school reminding me to work on our Prezi. "I'm fine, why you asking?" He laughed, "You look bad."

"Get out my room," I said while standing up and going over to my closet. He started to leave but I pulled his arm back, "Wait can I use your computer?" He snatched away from me, "Hell nah where is your laptop?" "It doesn't matter where it's at just let me come in and use the computer for like an hour so I can work on this project, please?"

"Where's your laptop Jelissa?" He pressed and I sighed while crossing my arms over my chest, "It's at Mason's. I left that along with a whole bunch of other stuff over there and never went back for it. If you let me use your computer I'll be quiet and I won't bother you for the rest of the week."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "What part of hell no don't you understand?" "So you're just gonna let me fail my science project?" "That sounds like a personal problem. We aren't friends remember?" I watched him walk down the hallway to his room and I rolled my eyes so hard. After taking a good long shower and getting dressed I went downstairs to see my father sitting at the counter in the kitchen drinking what had to have been his third cup of coffee and Angela was sitting on the couch in the living room filing away at her nails.

When my dad saw me approaching he smiled and stood up, "Good morning sleepy head. Happy birthday!" He held his arms open for a hug and I walked past him to pour myself a cup of orange juice, "Thanks." I said flatly. "I have a surprise for you, but I'm afraid it won't be ready until later. And look I cooked breakfast like I used to every year when you were little on your birthday. All of you and Jake's favorites." I shook my head as I finished my glass and sat it in the sink, "I'm not hungry."

I returned to my bedroom to collect my purse and my keys before heading outside and getting in the car. The short drive downtown seemed to be taking longer than usual and I was starting to wonder should I just turn back now and use Jake's computer without permission anyway. But before I knew it I was pulling into that same old parking garage and getting on the elevator taking the longest ride up to the eighth floor.

It was barely noon, so Mason was either gone or sound asleep and I was praying in my head that I could just get in and out of that apartment with my belongings. I planned on this being my last time ever stepping foot anywhere near this building. I was gonna leave my key by the door and never come back.

After entering I shut the door quietly and peeked around the living room and in the small kitchen and as far as I could see no one was here. But the sight I was met with when I entered the bedroom left me wishing I hadn't come here at all.

My hand flew to my mouth as I gasped seeing a girl on her knees at the foot of the bed giving Mason head and his eyes flew up to mine and they were filled with shock.

"Jelissa?" He asked pushing the girl away and I walked towards the closet holding my hand up, "Look I'm just here—" I did a double take as I caught a glimpse of the girls face who knelt at Masons feet, "Amber?!" I dropped my purse to the ground as they both briefly collected themselves and Amber stood close to a window in the corner of the room. As the sunlight poured over her face I could see that her lip was busted and she was looking a little swollen but I couldn't even find it in myself to feel bad for her.

"I can explain this," Mason started and I just shook my head while picking up my bag and entering the closet, "You ain't gotta explain shit bruh. I'mma get my stuff and go." I collected my laptop along with a few other things before exiting the closet and throwing my set of keys onto the bed and heading towards the door to leave.

"Jelissa wait," Mason grabbed me by the arm and I pulled away hitting his hand, "Bitch don't touch me!" I spat and kept walking but he grabbed for me again, "Bitch?"

"Ain't that what I just said?" I growled through gritted teeth, "Who the hell you think you talking to?" I scoffed, "Mason you are not my boyfriend! I'm done with you and whatever we had, I'm ready to move on and just live my life bruh you low as hell! Ion really care what you do with your life, but you ain't about to drag me down with you,"

I turned to walk away but Mason's hold on my arm grew tighter and I turned back pushing him, "Let go of me!" I pushed at his chest as he took both of my arms in his hands, "I can't... I can't let go!" He barked...

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