Nights Over Egypt

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     Amenhotep walked through the Great Hall, his muscular legs carrying him to his chambers. He playfully told his pet jackals Amun and Ra goodnight, admiring the beautiful animals.
   The moon was full, and a familiar sensation came over Amenhotep as he stood out on his terrace, looking over the Nile. Amenhotep was the pharaoh select, only son to the current pharaoh. The gorgeous youth never had a mind for the throne; he would have been happy on his boat, seeing the world. Generous and kind, Amenhotep was proving to become a great pharaoh, and many loved him as much as they feared him, because the young prince had a curse put upon him at birth. Just what that curse was, no one truly knew, except for Amenhotep. Ever since his eighteenth birthday, he'd been experiencing an uncontrollable lust every time the moon was full, his massive penis springing to life like a beast's.
     It had been that way for some time now, and as Amenhotep grew into man, his cravings became more costly. Sure, the handmaidens were easily accessible, but they weren't enough. Amenhotep longed for the woman who would tame his desires and partake of them with him, the dream his most precious.
    A peaceful countenance befell the pyramid he called home, and as he looked down below, he spotted the beautiful Nefret, High Priestess of Anubis, holding her woven basket of offerings. Amenhotep knew she would be entering the Great Temple of Anubis, so he removed his fineries, setting down his headdress and jewelry, and set off, hoping to intersect her when she'd be leaving. Amenhotep waited for what seemed like an eternity as Nefret placed fresh bread, fruit, and sugar water at the feet of Lord Anubis's statue.
    As Nefret placed her offerings, she could feel someone watching her. Nefret held her breath as Amenhotep appeared from behind a huge stone pillar, his bare chest a wonder to behold. "Good evening, beautiful Nefret!", said Amenhotep, coming closer. He was sans his ornate headdress, and his unnatural handsomeness was just too much for this world. Amenhotep stood before her, looking at her body with a sexy gleam in his eyes. Nefret didn't want to just stand there, staring at his handsome features like she was; she was a Priestess of Anubis, and she had poise. She cast her own sexy glance, straightening her back, and replied, "Good evening, Amenhotep!"
     Amenhotep's dark, handsome features did not go unnoticed by Nefret, and as she looked into his fiery, golden brown eyes, she felt her nipples harden through the cotton shift she was wearing, catching Amenhotep's attention. He stared at her bosom a little too long, and felt himself getting aroused. "I thought I might find you in here!", he said, still looking at Nefret's peaks. "Was there something you wanted?", she asked. Something I want!, thought Amenhotep, smiling. He was a bronze skinned Nubian Egyptian, and was perfectly designed. As his beautifully thick, dark eyebrows furrowed, Nefret thought he was the most handsome she had ever seen him.
      "I just thought I'd tell you goodnight", said Amenhotep, sexily. He was dying inside, for his uncontrollable lust was beginning to rear it's head. Nefret smiled, then quickly hugged her basket to her and took her leave, calling, "Goodnight!", over her shoulders as she left. Nefret's heart was beating a little too fast, and Amenhotep was smelling a little too good, so she had to get herself out of there. "Ahh, you're leaving?", he asked, watching Nefret's shapely ass and smiling. Amenhotep felt himself rising at the thought of getting closer to Nefret. He knew what he would do to her.
     Nefret could feel the sexual tension in the air, and wasn't prepared to face it just yet. The Great Lord Anubis had showed her a vision of her and Amenhotep, so long ago, the young priestess had forgotten it. She hadn't grown up with Amenhotep; her family had migrated from Sudan, and once she became Anubis's High Priestess, she was taken in by the royal family. Nefret was aware of Amenhotep's curse, keeping her distance once she began to have certain feelings when he'd be near. It was best that they never get involved romantically, but the tension was there.
     Amenhotep slowly followed Nefret, enjoying the view of her backside. Nefret stopped, looking back at him. Amenhotep's stride screamed of sexiness, exposing the outline of just what kind of tool he possessed. Nefret couldn't help but stare. Amenhotep smiled, then the sight of her tattooed neck caught him, and suddenly, Amenhotep had an imminent desire to push aside her strawberry blonde dreadlocks and kiss the back of her golden brown neck. Nefret looked into his eyes as Amenhotep grabbed her hand. "All I'm asking for is time!", he said, surprising her. Amenhotep stood close to Nefret, bringing his face close to hers in a passionate kiss. Nefret was amazed at the exotic Prince's soft lips, and as he held her closer, she could feel his huge arousal. Nefret broke away from their kiss, and Amenhotep looked as if it pained him.
    "Please!", he called, breathlessly, his huge erection scary. Nefret touched his face tenderly, then went inside her home, quickly closing the door. Amenhotep's sexy curse was way too much for her to deal with right now, and as much as she found herself wanting him, she knew she had to prepare.
     Amenhotep wanted to enter her door and take Nefret into his arms, confounded by his sudden desire for her. The beast inside was taking over, and the woman he suddenly craved was safe behind her door. Amenhotep left Nefret's home with an erection so large and strong, it could tumble the Great Pyramids of Giza. He made his way to his chambers, the massive need to take matters in his own hands became a must. As Amenhotep gripped his cursed staff, the thought of Nefret took over his mind, and he brought himself to an otherworldly orgasm as his eyes turned black, and the howl of Anubis escaped his throat.

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