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*Jesse's POV*

Oh my holy sweet baby jesus. Harry just said the most sweetest words I've ever heard in my whole life. My heart just wants to explode now. I've never felt this way, I've never felt so special in my life.

"..... So, will you go out with me, Jesse?"

Wow. After all this time, Harry is asking me out. Finally!! "Yes!! Ofcourse!! Yes, Harry." I practically screamed.

A big grin plastered on his face. He hugged me, lifted me from the ground and spun me around. Now i know why girls always love being lifted from their feet. It felt good.

Harry placed me down after a couple of spins. Then he stepped back maybe 10 feet away from me. Then he started screaming and jumping.


"Harry! Harry!! Calm down, I have neighbours." I laughed.

He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist, I place my hands on his shoulders. "I don't care if they hear me. Im gonna let the whole world know that I love you, cause you're the only one that matters."

Just when I thought Harry can't get any more sweeter. I blushed. Like a tomato. Oh my god. Is it too cliche when I say that he's the best thing that ever happend to me? Because he is.

He kissed my nose and we both entered my house. He went to my room to get changed while  I prepared him food.

I heard a knock on the door. I walked to the front door and opened it.

"Hi Jesse."

"We missed you!!"

"How are you, Jess?"


It was Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn.

"Oh my gosh. I missed you guys so much!" I informed them and giving them each a hug.

I hugged Niall last and he whispered to my ear, "we need to talk." He sounded pretty serious. He's very protective of me, even more than Harry. He said that I'm the little sister he always wanted and I admit that he's a brother to me too. He even acts more like a brother to me than Jason. Jase doesn't talk to me that much anymore. I don't even know where he is.

I nodded as we pulled apart from our hug. The lads went straight to the living room and sat on the couch. I just cleaned my house and now it's starting to become a mess and it hasn't even been a minute since the boys arrived l. But ohwell, you gotta love them, right?

After a few more minutes, Harry joined the rest of the boys. They were playing something. I, on the other hand, am preparing dinner for the good looking lads on my living room.

"Dinner's ready!" I called out when I finshed setting the table. The boys all ran to the table and started getting themselves some food, all of them, except Harry. He sat beside me and just looked at me.

"What? Why are you looking at me like I have something on my face?" I giggled.

"Oh nothing. You're just so perfect." He smiled.

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