How to Annoy: Your Siblings (30 ways)

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1. Copy them in a mocking way. Trust me, it works.

2. Knock on there door continuously

3. Hide their toothbrush

4. Take their phone or tablet as a hostage. Tell them they have to pay a certain amount of money to get it back

5. Constantly poking

6. Cough every minute

7. Sneeze on them then claim how you think you may be sick

8. Leave your dirt clothes in the bathroom after you take a shower. Make sure you take the shower before them.

9. Put random strands of your hair on their belongings

10. Sing as loudly as you can while they're studying

11. Throw water balloons ((or snowballs depending on the weather)) at their window while they are in their room

12. Leave dirty tissues on their desk

13. Every time they eat an M&M, mutter under your breath "Murderer... Karma will make you pay..." ((Also with different types of candy like skittles or gummy bears))

14. Smack Cam. Share the reaction on Facebook and send it to all his/her friends

15. Two words- Whip cream

16. Sharpies. Draw a master piece for them on their face. ((Better to do it on deep sleepers))

17. Hide their favorite video game and claim the elves stole it

18. Rant about your fandoms. Don't stop.

19. Throw their clothes all around their room

20. Blame them for everything you've ever done

21. Make up an embarrassing nicknames and call them that in front of their friends

22. If Oreo lovers, scrape off the icing and replace it with white toothpaste

23. Take all the toppings off their pizza, even the cheese

24. Use their shirt as a tissue

25. Ask them to come closer to you so you can tell them an important secret about their birthday or Christmas than spit in their ear

26. Laugh at everything they say but then go silent if they say something rude about you

27. If they call you something (like idiot, retard, or something like that), say "takes one to know one".

28. When they ask you for something your using at the moment, say "I'm sorry, I just ran out of that yesterday" and continue doing whatever your doing with that object

29. Hog the TV, phone, computer, video games, and anything they normally use. Hiss at them if they try to take it from you.

30. When they ask a question, bark your answer


A/N: I've done a few of these things including: 1, 2, 5, 9, 18, 20, 27, and 30

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