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Harry felt like the paper was burning a hole in his pocket, his hands were clammy and he felt like jumping out of a window would be easier, and much better, than telling Liam what was happening. A sigh left his mouth, his eyebrows creasing together when he heard the door nob jiggling and within a few moments Liam was greeting him in the living room, "hey baby." He spoke, pressing a quick peck to Liam's lips, "what's wrong?" he asked immediately after seeing the expression on his lover's face. Harry bit his lip before looking up to meet Liam's warm brown eyes, "I,um-" Harry bit his lip before pulling out the sonogram from his pocket and handing it to Liam. 

Harry watched in despair at the way Liam's expression changed almost immediately, the warmth in his eyes were gone and wordlessly Liam handed Harry the sonogram back and grabbed his coat, Harry tried to call out to him and ask him where he was going, but he the lump in his throat was preventing him from doing so. 

A couple hours later Harry would get a text from Liam that read, 

From: Liam :)

Be gone with all your stuff before I get home. 

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