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When I Was RAPED By My Science Teacher pt. 1

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My name is Janessa and I am 16-years-old. I am very intelligent and very pretty. I live in Miami, Florida and I attend Mastone High School. I have one real best friend, Yanni, and she is the closest person to me. I also have a boyfriend named Spencer. He's the player jock of the school. He cheats on me all the time thinking I don't know but I do and I am going to get him back one day. I only started dating him because he is hot, popular, and his dad and my dad are best friends. But then I've grown to love him. It really doesn't matter to me because I have my sight set on someone else... Mr. Madel (my science teacher). I know it may seem a little strange but I think I'm in love with him. We've been flirting with each other a lot for like the last 4 months and I think he really likes me. He's only 24. No one really knows about our little affair, though I think Yanni is catching on. Well enough of that let's get on with the story...

At the end of 8th period Mr. Madel stopped me in the halls and asked me if I wanted to go out (for coffee) with him on Friday (It was Monday). I kind of blushed a little bit and then replied "Yes!" I was filled with excitement as I walked to my car and then I felt toned muscular arms wrap around my waist. It was Spencer.

Spencer: Hey Babe. Janessa: Hey Spenc.

I turned around and he gave me a tender kiss on the lips (he's such a great kisser) I love him so much (In a way). But ever since I met Mr. Madel my feelings for him have changed. Ugh! I'm so confused.

Spencer: Wanna hang out at my house.

His mother and father are very busy people so they're barely at their house and it's the same thing with my parents.

"Sure" I said sounding not very happy. Every time I go to his house he always tries to have sex with me.

When we got to his house we walked upstairs and sat on his bed. He looked at me very seductively as he does every time we are in his room. Then he started rub my legs and whispered in my ear "I Love You." "No you don't." I replied drawing away from him. "Yes I do." He said as he moved closer to me. "Then why do you cheat on me?" I said very sadly. "I don't know. I'm young and I make mistakes." "Yeah right... that's just an excuse." I said getting kind of teary eyed. "No... It's the truth." He said while kissing me on my neck. "I don't love those other girls... I love you." Like a fool I believed him. Then he started to slide his hands up my skirt to my thighs.

Spencer and I have been together for 2 years now and we've never had sex. I've always felt uncomfortable every time we were about to start, but this time I was ready... Ready to lose my virginity.

After it was all over I didn't feel as good as I thought I would. It hurt a lot and after it was all over I felt like a slut.

When Friday came I was ready to go out with Mr. Madel. As silly as it may sound I actually felt mature going out with him because of the fact that I wasn't a virgin anymore. He was such a gentleman. After having a small cup of coffee and two donuts, he invited me to his house and I gladly accepted. After an hour or two of conversating I got up and said "I have to go." "No... Stay." He replied "I have a curfew." I said. "I said to stay." He said furiously while pulling my arm and throwing me on the couch. At that point I was scared. "I have to go." I said while picking myself up and heading for the door. He then grabbed me by my hair and very roughly threw me to the ground. My instinct was telling me to scream for help but I didn't have the guts. As soon as I started to open my mouth he said "Yell and I'll kill you" while taking a pistol caliber out of his pocket. Surprisingly I wasn't scared of the gun but I was scared of him. He took off his shirt and then...

Srry Peoplez... Didn't have enough time to write the rest (I'm working on another story)But I promise I will upload soon. :)

xoxo LovelyyLadyyPhire xoxo


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