Chapter 3: Greywyn Academy of Magic

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Now that we know about Troy and Elva, both of who disappeared on Monday, October 7, 2077 at 10:45 A.M., we now see where they were taken.

Troy awoke and looked around him. He found himself at the bank of a great and mighty river. That was the River Manentor, the most powerful, fastest, and deepest river, next to the Nile and Amazon Rivers. Troy took two steps forward and bumped into a girl.

Elva also woke up and saw herself in a strange place. She saw the River Manentor flowing past her and a strange castle looming behind her. She turned around and saw a boy standing next to her.

"So, you were taken too?" said Elva.

"Yeah," said Troy. "My name is Troy Branden. What's yours?"

"Elva Shepherd," said Elva. "Did you see anyone?"

"No," said Troy, "just a hand that came out and grabbed me. You?"

"Same here," said Elva. "A hand reached out and grabbed me." She looked up and a fairy, or what looked like one, appeared before them. She had large orange eyes that were like two setting suns. Her fine, wavy, cherry red hair is neck-length and worn in a bizarre carefully crafted style. She is short, had a lean build, deeply tanned skin, thin eyebrows and long-fingered hands. Her wardrobe is practical yet revealing, with a mostly purple color.

The fairy said, "Greetings, young humans. My name is Aciakyla Zyndra and I understand you're the two children who were brought here today?"

Troy said, "Look, I don't know why we're here, so if you could just send us back..."

Aciakyla quieted him with a flick of her finger. "You cannot return to your home world, human boy," she said.

"Where are we?" Elva cried out; for she was more straightforward than Troy was.

"You're in Iasteron, an alternate version of the planet you call Earth," said Aciakyla. "Here, you will go to Greywyn Academy of Magic."

Troy gasped. "What?" he cried out. "You mean we have to go to some fancy-schmancy boarding school? Are you out of your mind?"

Aciakyla glared at him, saying, "Now listen up here, human boy; I don't play games. You're going to this school whether you like it or not. Now let us go!"

She took the children's hands and stepped across a bridge over the river. The bridge seemed to get higher as they walked on it. Elva said, "Why is the bridge getting higher?"

Aciakyla said to her, "This is no common bridge, human girl. This is the Deepborough Crossing, the biggest and highest bridge in Ostlea. This bridge separates the school from the rest of the city of Itenana, which is where you have ended up, right on its boundaries."

Elva looked down as the city seemed to get smaller and smaller. Soon, it became a speck on the ground. Before long, Aciakyla had brought Troy and Elva to the gates of a tall dark castle.

This enormous castle, created from a sparkling rock and set in the center of a fast-flowing river, once belonged to a cruel and powerful witch. It has many stained glass windows and appeared to be well populated. It is approached by a huge stone bridge, which appears to rise over the river. Nearby was a well-populated farming town; the town has a magnificent entrance and an enormous water fountain in the city square.

Aciakyla knocked on the large metal front door and it swung open. Elva walked inside, feeling anxious about coming into such an enormous place. Troy, however, stepped in nervously, as though a monster would come out and eat him. They walked a little ways until they reached a door with gargoyles carved into it. Aciakyla grabbed the wooden knocker and tapped at the door three times.

"Come in, Aciakyla," said a man's voice as Aciakyla took the children into what appeared to be an office. Elva and Troy saw the man and gasped. The man seated in his chair in front of them would make you think of a proud lion. He had slanted purple eyes. His thick, curly, blue hair was short and was worn in an exotic, artistic style. He had a lean build, pale skin, and prominent pointed ears. His wardrobe was practical and professional, with various shades of yellow.

"Hello, and welcome to Greywyn Academy of Magic," the man said as he saw the children. "I am Brother Danid Skefan, the headmaster of the school. I see you're the human boy and girl who will attend my school."

Troy said to him, "I'm Troy Branden and this is Elva Shepherd. Now why are we here?"

The headmaster gave him a hard look, saying, "Human boy, those names will not be permitted in my school."

"Why won't you let us keep our names?" Elva cried out.

Brother Skefan said, "I have rules in my school and those rules must be followed at all times. One of those rules is that the human children I bring to my school should have NO memory of their former life before they came to my school. That includes their names." He conjured a piece of parchment and said to them, "You two will sign your names here."

He passed them quills and pointed to the place where he wanted them to sign. Troy and Elva hesitated, then quickly signed their names. "Troy Branden and Elva Shepherd," read Brother Skefan. "Such inferior names for two young people like yourselves. The last two people who came here were known as Rose Ennerdy and Colby Cragsky. Not anymore. As for your names," he continued, "they no longer exist, as you no longer exist in the human world."

Troy and Elva gasped as their names were lifted off the paper and evaporated into the flames in the fireplace. "Your names and lives are over," said Brother Skefan. "It's time to start your new lives here at Greywyn. Come with me."

He took the children to a huge room. Several tables carved from mahogany were in the shape of a circle. A large group of students and teachers were seated at the tables. The students and teachers were humans, wizards, vampires, werewolves, elves, dwarves, fairies, sprites, and pixies. Several other people were there as well, mostly those who were taken from their homes on Earth, as Troy and Elva had been. They sat in a section of the dining area apart from the other students.

Brother Skefan said, "My Brothers and Sisters, students of Greywyn, we have two new students joining us today!" Applause broke out as Troy and Elva glanced at each other in disbelief. Brother Skefan said, "As with the time-honored tradition we have here, we shall now choose their new names." He conjured parchment and quills and placed them before the students, saying, "Now, students, we must select what we shall name our new students. You only get one chance, so choose carefully."

Troy and Elva sat in their seats next to Skefan, both shocked and upset over the whole thing. On one hand, they were in another world, but they had to get rid of their names and memories of their old lives to get here. However, that wasn't the hardest thing that could happen.

After about 30 minutes, Brother Skefan gathered the sheets of parchment and quills from the students, then led the teachers and Aciakyla into an alcove, where they spoke for another 30 minutes. Finally, the teachers came towards Troy and Elva and brought them before the students.

Brother Skefan said, "Students, we have talked about the names you have suggested for the newcomers. Now it's decided: for the girl, she shall be Rhiassa Twilight and the boy will be Nevyn Meler. Remember their names, for these are the only names they will use during their time here. Now, let us welcome to Greywyn Academy, Rhiassa Twilight, and Nevyn Meler!"

The applause of the students became too much for Rhiassa and Nevyn, who could hardly contain their shock. This was their future now. Brother Skefan came to them, saying, "You two are my students now, and my students you shall remain; you may not leave this school, nor are you permitted to return to the human world. For now, you will be taken to your new room, where you will remain for one week..."

"One week?" cried Nevyn. "Why?"

"Your guide is awaiting you," said Brother Skefan. "His name is Salvatore, and he awaits you in the Greeting Room. Now come."

As Brother Skefan led the children away from the Dining Hall and towards the Greeting Room, Nevyn couldn't help but wonder what would happen to them once they met their guide.

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