Love: Blood: Death: Revenge

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Her hair glistened in the early afternoon sun as the warm breeze whipped it around her face.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, so in that respect I suppose it was a shame I had to kill her, not that the bitch didn't have it coming.

A few months ago she'd been nothing more than a small time arms dealer operating out of the Easter Quadrant. She'd got some serious coin behind her though and got herself involved in a much more severe, and much more illegal, operation. She was smuggling humans.

As she sat there, sipping politely from a cup of something outside one of the trendier cafés New Paris had to offer, she reached to her purse and pulled out a carton of cigarettes. Now I've always had a thing for chicks who smoke, but fuck me when this girl put a cigarette to her lips I swear my heart stopped beating.

Her skin was a deep emerald green and her hair a fiery red, such was the norm in the Easter Quadrant. The vast majority of citizens in the EQ were of an alien race known as the Xax and by their standards, she was a dog.

You're wondering how hot the rest of the Xax chicks are, right? Trust me, you couldn't handle it!

I checked my side-arm and slowly began to make my approach. Now one other thing I should probably mention about the Xax is that their sense of smell was pretty damn sensitive, I mean they could smell a fart in a sewage plant, and I cursed to myself as she glanced around at me. I'd been careful don't get me wrong. I was upwind and almost two hundred feet away yet still, apparently not careful enough.

From out of nowhere she pulled a plasma shotgun on me and I dove for cover. The range on those things was fucking ridiculous, and she managed to skim the heel of my boot as I scrambled. By the time I got back to my feet she was gone, nowhere to be seen. Two months of tracking and planning wasted.



I'll never forget those words my Dad said to me.

“You're a fucking useless prick, you'll never amount to anything.” That kinda' shit sticks with you, y'know? He told me something else as well, something that until the moment I first saw Ren, I figured I'd live my life by.

“If you're gonna' hook up with a woman, make sure she's human. Those alien broads are nothing but whores, the lot of 'em.”

He was an alcoholic my Dad but it wasn't the drink that killed him. It was the bitterness. My Mum left when I was a kid, I barely remember her and never so much as saw a photo. I guess Dad just couldn't take the pain of anything that reminded him of her.

He died on my seventeenth birthday. The funeral was small. Fuck... I can count on one hand the amount of people that turned up, and one of them was the priest.

I dropped out of school the next day and within a week I was behind bars. 'Aggravated assault on a police officer' they called it. I called it self-defence but wouldn't you know it? The fucking pub didn't have CCTV so there was no way for me to back up my story.

Anyway five years later I was out, and I gotta' admit I found life on the outside tough. Not many people wanted to employ an ex-con, certainly not back then. I eventually found work litter picking along the side of the Transatlantic Superhighway. Fuck me was that a dangerous job? Pay was pretty sweet though.

I stuck at that for a couple of months, scrimping and saving every penny I could until I had enough for a one-way economy flight off the planet. I'd heard there were plenty of job opportunities out in the Easter Quadrant so I figured I'd make my way out there, taking work wherever I could get it. As luck would have it I didn't have to look too hard. We were barely halfway to Uranus when one of the ship's on board security personnel took ill, and I blagged my way into an interview. Apparently I impressed. An hour later I was in uniform. Sure I was on probation for the job but I figured as long as I stayed squeaky clean, getting to the EQ had just got a whole lot easier.