Chapter 1: The Start Of Something New

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     My name is Anise Robinson. I barely moved here to England and am now attending a new school called : Direct International preparatory. I didn't really know allot of people. 

  Today is my first day at school and i am really nervous to meet new people. I hope I give them a first good impression. My mom was getting ready to drive me to school, usually back in America you were a loser if you got taken to school by your parents. Here every one gets a ride by their parents... I wasn't expecting that at all. 

  I enter the office with my mother to talk to the principal about my class schedule. "Hello I am Mrs. Cullen your new principal, what's your name?" Asked Mrs. Cullen. " I am Anise Robinson" I said in a whisper tone. Mrs. Cullen looked at me then at my mother, "Welcome to Direct International Preparatory Anise. Here is your new schedule for the year. if you need any help just ask some one or come here" she said handing me a Paper. 

" Um, excuse me,where is room 24C?" i asked this girl who was in a big group. "Why should I tell you? I don't know you. Beat it kid before we have some problems!" she said with her eyes fierce and bold. She shoved me as she walked away, all my stuff was everywhere. I didn't know what to say, I wasn't just going to hit some one who I didn't know. "Hey, I'm Liam. I saw what Clarissa did to you. I see you are new? whats your name?" a boy said. " Hello Liam, my name is Anise Robinson, and yeah I am new to this school" I said with a grin. "Would it be okay if I showed you around school? And don't mind Clarissa she is just a being a bit rubbish today." he said while helping me pick up my stuff. " Yeah. I would love if you showed me around school, and that Clarissa girl looks like a bully. I wonder if she is liked much around school." that's when I felt a spark, I just made my first friend at Direct International Preparatory.

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