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Yall, there is this Attack on Titan on crack video that I can't stop watching just because of how funny and accurate it is. Someone come save meh please. 


Scott crossed his arms as he sat in the backseat of the car, Mitch to the far left of him, Kevin in the driver's seat and Avi sitting in the passengers seat, sleeping against the window. He huffed as Mitch glanced at him with a smug look on his face. 

"And you said what?" Mitch smiled and he stuck his tongue out at Scott. 

Scott leaned over and grabbed Mitch's tongue before Mitch had the chance to retract it end pulled him forward. "You better watch yourself, mister." 

"Scott." Kevin warned from the front seat as he stared at Scott from the rearview mirror. "Also, you're blocking my view, sit correctly." 

Scott glared at Kevin before looking back at Mitch and letting go of his tongue as he sat back in his seat. He admired the way the moon lit through the trees that were grown along the shoulder of the road. 

Mitch looked at Scott and the way his lips unconsciously pulled into a smile as the moonlight shone and twinkled in his eyes. He smiled and turned around to stare out his window, his elbow on the door and his head resting on his fist as he closed his eyes in attempt to sleep for the ride back to L.A. 


Scott slipped off his jacket as he carefully climbed out of the car and draped it over Mitch's curled up body before shutting the door and walking the rest of the way up the hill to his former house. Luckily for him, the cops weren't surrounding the yard and he was able to go through Mitch's front door, having to break open the thick lock that was covering the handle. He calmly walked inside and heard a painful meow coming from the kitchen. He shut the front door before walking forward and turning towards the kitchen, seeing a skinny, frail, cat weakly crawling at a locked cabinet. 

"Wyatt." Scott muttered sadly and he got on his knees. "Damn, you've survived on spoiled human food didn't you?" Scott looked around at the empty boxes of cereal and broken jars of jelly that laid around the floor. He took a small meat stick from his pocket and tore the wrapping open, Wyatt smelling the meat and quickly running over. He grabbed the stick with his mouth and ran back his regular spot in front of the locked cabinet before eating the meat in a few quick bites. 

"Why didn't the police come and get you? Surely the dogs would've smelt you in here. Poor thing was starving for months." Scott muttered to himself and walked over to pull the lock off of the cabinet and pulled out a bag of cat food. He opened the bag and smelt it to make sure it was still good for Wyatt to eat before grabbing a few handfuls and dropping the food in front of Wyatt who started eating automatically. 

Scott wiped his hands on his pants and placed the bag of cat food on its side as he turned to walk towards the stairs, finding Mitch's room and walking inside. He saw the bed frame and the nightstands collecting dust so he walked to the dresser and grabbed his framed tombstone, wiping the dust off the glass and tucking it under his armpit. He grabbed Mitch's stuffed Rilakumma bear and did his best to put it in his front jean pocket as he looked around the room for anything else he might've needed.  

It didn't take Scott long to stuff the rest of his guns and knifes as well as everything else he grabbed into a duffle bag and throw it over his shoulder. As he walked down the steps, he dropped the bag in the kitchen and rolled up the rest of the cat food and stuffed it into his bag as he zipped it up.

"Let's go Wyatt. Mitch probably misses you." Scott stood up and noticed Wyatt breathing heavily. He then took notice of the water stains that were on the carpet and tiles, looking at the case of water Wyatt somehow tore open and let spill over the floor. He walked over and found an unharmed bottle, twisting the cap open and bending down to pick up Wyatt to set the opening of the bottle to his lips and let the cat lap at the room temperature water. 

Once he was hydrated enough, Scott placed Wyatt on his shoulder and drank the rest of the water. He shifted the bag on his bag before carefully walking out of the house and back down the path to the car. He threw the bag in the trunk and set Wyatt in the backseat with Mitch before climbing inside and sitting comfortably. 

"Alright? You ready to keep going?" Avi asked from the drivers seat; letting Kevin sleep for as long as he needed. 

"Yep. Time to go find Travis." Scott grunted. 


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