Chapter 10.5

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(Y/N) = Your Name
(E/C) = Eye Color

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"Not tonight, I just want to cuddle." James says with a cheeky smile.

You smile as well, unable to resist the temptation. "Okay." You state, having no objection.

"Unless... You want something more~"

You start to blush, falling silent. Unable to form a response, you hide underneath the covers on the bed. He chuckles softly, making you smile once more. The bed shifts with the added weight as he clambers in. He slips under the covers to meet you with a kiss. You kiss back, lips melting against his. Roughly, his mouth clamps over yours before pulling back. You tilt your head, a motion he found cute.

"Cutie~" He smirks while you blush.

You put your index finger over his lips and hush him while shaking your head.

"No?" He manages to mutter.

Your (E/C) eyes narrow at him, bleakly telling him to cease with the compliments, though you secretly wished for it to continue. No more words are exchanged as he drags you out from under the sheets and lays your body above them. James's body pressed against your back, heat passing between the both of you. A childish smile appears on your face while you enjoy the warmth radiating from your lover. He breathes warm air onto your neck, occasionally sending shivers through your form. A smirk replaces his placidly blank face and he ghosts his lips over your neck, sometimes letting them touch your skin. Waves of anticipation pass through you, as well as many thoughts...
James chuckles at your reaction when he softly nips a particularly sensitive bit of your neck. His arms wrap around your waist while his left hand moves a little lower. It rubbed along the inside of your thigh, eliciting a small moan.

"J-james," you mumbles softly.

His voice was gruff and seductive. "Yes, (Y/N)~?"

"Your a tease~" you finish and he laughs heartily while a smile pierces your face.

You suddenly get a sharp pain at the base of your skull, the top of your spine. A winces scrunches up your face as you attempt to hide the pain you're feeling from James. Unfortunately, he easily notices.

"(Y/N)? What is it?" His face twists anxiously, wanting to know what your feeling and take it away.

You were about to respond and tell him you're​ fine when the pain comes again, almost three times stronger. You cry out with how much it hurt and tried to keep from moving in case that was the cause.

"(Y/N), talk to me. Please."

"H-hurts..." You mutter, keeping as still as a tiger about to attack its prey.

His face goes soft and sympathetic. "Where, babe?"

The nickname made you smile just before you screamed. The pain had returned, like a chisel being driven into your skull. There are no words to describe how much you're hurting at the moment, simply the empty scream as everything goes silent for you except for a fierce ringing in your ears. James's mouth is moving frantically, and you can barely make out what he's saying. Mostly just shouting your name over and over.
Your head hurts horribly and you fall unconscious before James finds out what's going on and can save you. Hope he's not too late...

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