Charlotte POV

I arrived in New York from JFK airport. I originally lived in Louisiana and I was accepted to John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Even though there are good criminal justice schools in New Orleans, I decided to branch out to another city in search of new people to talk to. Mom wasn't too happy that I left, but she got over it. My aunt was willing to lend me a room, free of charge in her apartment on 6th street. "That'll be $7.50." My cabbie said, interrupting my thoughts. Paying the cabbie, I grabbed my suitcases and exited the vehicle. My aunt Molly was at her job at Apple so she left her key under the mat and I allowed myself in. Placing my suitcases down, I took my laptop out and began looking for a job during the summer. had several jobs as clerks for an insurance company and one for a waitress at a bar and grill. I applied for all. An hour had passed and my phone suddenly rang. "Hello?" "Hi, my name is Spencer and I'm the owner of McGinnis Bar and Grill." the voice said on the other line. "Oh hello, how are you?" I replied. "Very well. I saw on our website that you applied for a job here. I was wondering if you could possibly come for an interview tomorrow at 12:30." Giddy with excitement, I quickly said, "Alright. I'll be there!" "Great! Just ask for me. Till tomorrow." With that, we hung up and I was gleaming with happiness. I would finally have a job here in New York I thought to myself. Little did I know, I would regret even applying for that job.

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