Draco Malfoy x Amelia Byrne

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Heya! Just a heads up, some of the character in this are made up! I hope that's okay!


"Drakie-poo!" Amelia heard Pansy Parkinson shriek out. Amelia made a face in their direction. Some of her friends giggled at her expression. They were sitting on their compartment in the Hogwarts Express.

"Oh, I missed you guys so much during the summer." Emilia said clapping her hands. Amelia nodded, agreeing.

"I'm just glad that we kept in touch. Nothing really happened, you know!" Amelia said, leaning back, gazing out the window. Amelia was always struck by the view's beauty. All the hills and lakes during the ride. So graceful. 

"I'm so excited for our sixth year! I do hope it will be better than last year." Anna noted. Everyone else nodded, agreeing throughly. Umbridge was a bitch. 

"So, have you heard any new rumors? I'm dying to hear anything, as I said nothing happened during the summer. At least for me." Amelia said. The girls seemed to think of anything new. Emilia's face lit up. 

"I heard that the Malfoy's family is in some kind of trouble with the Ministry of Magic!" she said, lowering her voice. 

"Really? I bet it has something to do with Lord Voldemort." Amelia said. Anna and Emilia flinched at the mention of his name. Amelia rolled her eyes. "It has to be something serious, because the could easily buy their way out or something." she said, lowering her voice to a whisper. You never knew who could be listening. 

"You're right..." Anna added to the conversation. The tension in the conversation bothered Amelia, so she decided to lift it up a little.

"It's a shame though. I always though that Draco was hot." she announced in a normal voice. Anna and Emilia looked weirded out, until Anna nodded. 

"You're right. He is pretty cute, I guess..." she revealed, not sure if it was okay to say it out loud. They were a bit scared of him. He was very intimidating. Emilia looked at the two liked they were crazy.

"I can't believe you just admitted that out loud. Are trying to get targeted by him?" she asked them. Amelia laughed. 

"It's not like he's going to hear us. He's sitting all the way in the other compartment. I'm not afraid of him, anyways." Amelia exclaimed. Anna and Emilia looked at each other, then smirked.

"Really?" Emilia asked, leaning on her right arm.

"Because how we remember it, you were afraid of us when we first met." Anna smiled. Amelia looked out the window. 

"No, I don't think I recall that." she said, knowing very well that she was pretty afraid of meeting new people. "I may have been a bit shy, but I don't think I was afraid." she continued, taking a peek at the two girls in front of her. They were smirking. 

"Whatever you say." Anna said, leaning back against the soft cushion of the seat. Emilia took a book and started reading it. 

The truth of the matter truly was that of course Amelia was a bit afraid of Draco. He's awful. But she didn't lie when she said that Draco was hot. She didn't like him, though. At least that's what she kept telling herself.  

- time skip -

Anna, Emilia and Amelia stepped out of the Hogwarts Express. They walked over to the carriages, when Amelia saw someone with beautiful, almost white, blond hair. Her heart skipped a beat. She kept walking alongside her friends, but she wasn't really listening to the conversation they were having. She tried to take a better look a the boy, because she couldn't recognize him. Then he turned his head Amelia's direction.

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