Bonus Chapter || The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Have you ever done something that you were really afraid of ?

For example, telling your crush that you like him or skipping school although your parents would kill you if they found out.

You did although you knew that your crush would maybe never talk to you again but on the other hand you wanted to do it because you realized that you literally didn't have anything to lose or you were sick of hiding it for the past years.

Fear is in general something you feel when you are confronted with the unknown or with something you are more than familiar with.

The interesting thing when it comes to fear is that you can control it.

Sounds strange, I know, but it is true to a certain degree because fear isn't generalized. Everybody has different things they are afraid of, different things they avoid because they don't feel like dealing with it.

There are different types of fear for example: The one you have when you see a spider, the one when you realize that you have lost your phone and the one when the doctor tells you that you have cancer.

The first one is pretty simple and well known among people because spiders are considered to be disgusting. Pretty funny that people nowadays scoff at people for being superficial, but on the other hand despise these tiny creatures because they look "ugly and disgusting". This type of fear can be easily gotten over with by simply getting used to the spiders unless it's not some really heavy phobia.

The second type is more the panic type. You realize your phone isn't there anymore and you freak out. I have to admit that I wouldn't be angry because I lost my phone, but more because I had to buy a new one and add all the contacts again etc..

The third type of fear is a bit more complicated and complex than the other ones. The first ones are just sudden human reaction to a temporary situation but the fear that overcomes you when you realize that you have cancer is something that comes way down deep from your body.

It is not a sudden reflex, but something that your emotions develop steadily. All those questions, running throw your head. Will I survive ? How long will it take ? Will it comeback after the treatment succeeded ?

This is a complete normal reaction and of course totally understandable but you don't need to go through that.

People say that love blinds you but not nearly to the extent that fear does.

Young girls are afraid to wear a bikini because they think they look too fat and limit themselves just because they were never told people's opinions on you do not matter.

We believe that we need to be perfect in order to have the right to love and live our lives. We believe that it is the people around us who try to put us down and are responsible for how we feel but in fact it is us who set the boundaries.

You know, human have a weird habit which consists mainly of not perceiving things how they are, but how they want them to be.

For example a racist person would never listen to a speech from Barack Obama. Why would they ?

People hear, read, watch and listen to the things they like or the opinions that they have because plenty of them have no interest in dealing with things they have no clue of.

It is commonly said that we are very much influenced by the media or whatever but the truth is that we decide what we are influenced by.

We set our boundaries and we set our goals we want to achieve.

It does take a lot of courage to overcome that fear but it is possible because in the end you have done it and can move on instead of spending your life with wondering what could have been.

Fear is something cruel, something that won't go away if you don't push it. The more you do things that you fear the less you will fear in the future and the better you will feel afterwards.

The good news is only we can control our fear, the bad news is only we can control our fear.

A spider can easily be taken away but the fear you create inside of yourself is something only you are capable of fighting.

Just tell your crush that you like him, jump into a river or tell that stupid girl you don't like that she is a nasty brat.

If she or he doesn't like you back, it's totally fine because you tried. Things do not always have to work out every time and they won't because that is the cycle of life.

You'll get hurt, people will betray you but that's just how it is.

It's nasty but this is life and the only way to survive this hell hole is to say "Whatever" and do what you fucking want to do.

You may be not able to control everything that happens around you but you are in control of your reaction to it.

We are not in a romantic comedy which means I'm not trying to tell you that everything you do will magically work out just because you believed in yourself.

This is not Cinderella Story.

Instead I'm telling you to not miss out the opportunities for you to work everything out. Be brave and live your life because you will never be as young as you are now and who knows what the future brings.

Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you cannot accept.

You know, at any given moment in your life, you have the power to say: "This is not how my story is going to end."

Don't miss out on being the protagonist of your own life just because you degraded yourself to the cameraman.

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