JAKE'S P.O.V (Still flashbacks)

After leaving the café, I was sort of pissed off at myself because I had been intentionally rude to Aqua. I went home and went on MSN. This was at around 1700hrs. I waited for about 5hrs for Aqua to sign in, but she didn't, so I went to bed.

I couldn't sleep knowing I had ended the day on a sour note with Aqua, even though she had probably forgotten that I'd spent half the day with her.

It's like I live two lives. One where I could talk to her, really open to her and her open to me as well, this was on MSN, where she didn't know it was me. The other part of my life was outside of MSN, in the real life, where Aqua and I existed as strangers. I'm scared that sooner or later these worlds will collide, and I might slip up. She might hate me even more.

I have to tell Aqua that it's me. I have to tell her before she finds out. I have a plan.

I woke up, not that I'd had much sleep, and it was 4am. My P.C was still on, and I was still signed in on MSN.

I had a message from Aqua! And maybe she was still online, since the IM was about 15 minutes ago.

miss_aqua : hey u

phineas&ferb: you're still up?

(I tried my luck, and thankfully, she was online. My heart skipped a beat when the my P.C bleeped as she replied)

miss_aqua : I couldn't sleep, u?

phineas&ferb: me too

miss_aqua : this is so not fair

phineas&ferb: what?

miss_aqua : u know my name and I don't know yours

phineas&ferb: you know it though

miss_aqua : no I don't

phineas&ferb: we're friends...kind of...anyways, do u have a date for prom

(This was my plan...Aqua...please say no...please...?)

miss_aqua : no, I was actually not going to go

phineas&ferb: do u wanna go together

miss_aqua : sure but how will I know it's u

phineas&ferb: I'll tell u it's me

I wished her goodnight and with that she logged off. Here's the problem, what if it wasn't me who asked her to prom, what if it was some creep? She's too trusting. For all she knows I could be some stalker guy.

I went downstairs and had breakfast with the family after showering. This was like the only normal part of my life. Other parts where all consumed by Aqua...its unhealthy.

"Morning" I said, kissing mum on the cheek. Dad was reading a newspaper, and Trish was sitting on the counter in the kitchen, chewing gum and texting.

"Jake you rarely have breakfast with us these days, you're always rushing off in the mornings. Is there something we should know? " my mom asked, and before I could answer, my dad asked,

"Is there a girl son?"

And before I could answer (again) Trish, my sometimes big mouthed sister who sometimes gets on my nerves said,

"You know that girl, Aqua? The one who works at the café?"

"She's a sweetheart" my mom said.

"Haven't we had her over for dinner?" my dad asked.

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